what people are saying about Liz’s Nutrition Counseling Program:

“I expected to gain more knowledge on what health issues were going on with me and how to properly and naturally care for them. My expectations were met beyond what I thought would be met. My thyroid antibodies have gone down and cutting out the grains have helped my stomach a lot. Our awesome phone conversations… Liz always putting the client first with her honesty and compassion. She has made me smile every time :) Liz pointed out all the wonderful accomplishments I have made through her program that I never realized because I was looking for the big changes. Thank you Liz for that! It was great to be able to vent to someone who won’t judge you and who understands what you are going through. I think a very important part of this healing process is to be able to express yourself whether good or bad. I used to feel bad about the feeling I would have but I have learned through Liz, if you want to heal, you have to put yourself first.”

–Angela D.

“I was already gluten-free but didn’t know where to go from there in terms of my diet for my thyroid disease. I knew there was more out there but wasn’t sure what was right or what I should try/add. That was the main reason I originally wanted to work with Liz to get direction on where to go now. What I ended up learning was so much more!! Food affects my body and there were lots of other changes I needed to make, but had never learned before I met Liz. She had me listen to my body and that equaled other changes, like probiotic therapy, learning about different healing diets and which foods can cause autoimmune problems. Overall, I felt like I had someone to motivate me and keep me smiling. I needed help in my health journey and Liz was my partner.”

–Susan S.

First, let me say getting healthy is not easy! It takes your effort! I am so glad I had Liz to keep me focused on my goal of feeling healthy and getting my thyroid numbers more balanced. My mind was the thing really keeping me miserable. Liz told me that our thoughts affect our intestines and our intestines control our hormones and autoimmunity. We did exercises that helped me lower my stress and control my thoughts, and feel good about myself. And I have to say that my symptoms did reduce. My headaches only come rarely now, my skin and nails look so much better, those dark circles under my eyes look lighter, and best of all I have more energy to live and be with my family and do things I like.

–Gina R.

Probably my favorite part of this program working with Liz on my Hashimoto’s is that I actually learned how to do everything myself. She didn’t just tell me eat this don’t eat that, go buy this at the store. She actually taught me how to make healing traditional foods. I am a real food lover now and am still making my probiotic food and broths.

–Karen H.