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Do you know what is keeping you stuck and sick?

A relationship in your life seems okay from the outside but you just can’t quite seem to put your finger on what the problem is or why you’re unhappy.

Or you keep trying to eat healthy but you’re not seeing any tangible results with your symptoms or blood work and wonder if it’s even possible to heal.

You keep seeing the same old tired information about what you should eat from famous internet stars who are selling you a one-size-fits-all approach.

Old energetic patterns from childhood keep you feeling anxious or unworthy so you’re constantly stressed.

Or you sabotage your goals because you fear failure or fear of being too successful and powerful.

You feel lost and aren’t sure who you are anymore. 

Whatever it is, your energetic and dietary blocks suck up your time, take a big toll on your health, and keep you from offering your unique gifts to the world.

Staying stuck and sick is simply wasting your life and time here.

It’s not just you. People all around you are also stuck and they usually stay this way for a lifetime. They accept the pain will never get better and don’t seek out solutions.

Did you know an estimated 70% of people feel like they’re “not good enough” and don’t deserve to succeed?

Subconscious stressors are causes of miscarriage, nutritional deficiencies, abdominal pain and gastrointestinal problems, neurological disorders, chronic pain syndromes, anxiety, depression, hypertension, kidney disease, autoimmunity, hormonal problems, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

50 million Americans have an autoimmune disease and 20 million Americans have a thyroid disease.

Only 8% of people reach personal and health goals when they go at it alone. 

Most empathic people are surrounded by at least one narcissistic personality who is draining their energy on a daily basis. 

Those are pretty dismal statistics.

Here’s where a new mindset comes in.

If you don’t take charge of your health and energy,

you’ll stay stuck, unhappy, and in pain.

But I think you already know that.

That’s why you’re here. And I’m here to help.

I’ve been energetically stuck and miserably sick before, too.

Liz-25I’m Liz Schau, CHHC, and empathic Intuitive Healer. I didn’t get here by chance. You see, I’ve lived through some insane and intense life lessons — things that I thought would definitely break me, use me up, and leave me sick or stressed the rest of my life. I decided I would not let them break me.

In my life, I have healed and come out the other side from: 

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

  • Scoliosis and 10+ slipped discs

  • Extreme self-doubt and pessimism and a “I’m not good enough” mentality

  • Learning disabilities that forced me into “hiding”

  • Multiple forms of abuse that I endured for 32 years without realizing (physical, emotional, economic, bullying, hazing, sexual harassment, and isolation)

When I took charge of my own healing in 2008, I discovered my gift to read energy as an Intuitive and Healer. I healed my own health problems and energetic problems and I felt so strongly about helping others find their own healing that I went to a holistic nutrition school to learn to become a coach. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last seven years and as I guided healing for other people worldwide, I came to deeply understand the root patterns that keep people stuck and sick.

While you may have physical complaints, the problems also stem from toxic energetic patterns that keep you reliving your core wounds and life lessons to no avail. I honed my empathic abilities to become a lifelong healer, so I can share these gifts with you.

I’m here to help you get unstuck, unstressed, and truly heal the root of your problems.

When you heal, life begins to look and feel amazing.

In my case, I no longer take medication for Hashimoto’s disease — or any other disease for that matter — because it is in unmedicated remission.

My back problems are non-existent and other pain symptoms are gone.

I now see the positives in life without forcing it and I treat myself well without effort.

I identified and got rid of all forms of abuse I didn’t know were keeping me sick — even the nuanced ones that most people aren’t aware of. I am no longer a victim.

I have given myself permission to be who I really am, not who other people want me to be and I enjoy this personal freedom without guilt or shame.

This kind of life doesn’t happen just by accident or luck. It happens through a simple process of identifying the problems then enacting the solutions.

This is why I created a 3-tiered system to help you finally stop the pain

You see, to heal you first have to:

1. Identify the problems

What is keeping you stuck?

Subconscious stressors you aren’t aware of, relationship problems, childhood trauma and wounds, abuse, a diet that isn’t right for your body, chakra imbalances and dysfunctional fascial adhesions?

I’ve created healing sessions for the issues you’re coming up against but aren’t aware of: Nutrition Consultations, Body Readings, and Energy Readings. 

2. Get solutions

Each session with me is an opportunity to dive so deep into you that we uncover the mysteries that are keeping you sick and stuck.

I’ll take an extensive background history, give you my “second opinion” approach, then walk you through simple, life-shifting healing techniques.

3. Life your best life

The thousands of clients I’ve helped over the last eight years are living proof that you can have dramatic, life-altering healing that lasts.

And yes, with the information I have given them, many have put their illnesses or hangups into remission.

You are unique and there is no one like you, so your diet and mind-body work should be tailored to you.

4. Stop wondering if you’re good enough

You want to feel like you’re good enough and keep trying to believe it, but you don’t feel it deep inside, right?

I’ll show you what your core wounds and life lessons are so you can release your blocks and be fully, finally, confidently yourself. You deserve that.

5. Free yourself from painful childhood issues or abuse

Old emotions, mindsets, and family dynamics keep you stuck in mental and physical stress loops.

Your mind and body are constantly reenacting the trauma.

Let’s get to the root of your subconscious pain so you’re free to live in the now and see how worthy you really are.

6. Let go of physical health complaints

Fatigue, pain, brain fog, weight gain, headaches, digestive issues —physical issues affect all areas of your life.

It’s time to stop the disease cluster and work backwards to finally improve it.

7. Find your life purpose

One of life’s biggest challenges is just knowing who you are and why you are here.

As you heal, you’ll get clearer on what you want for yourself and why you are here in the first place.

Then you can contribute your unique gifts and skills to the world for healing.

Here’s what my clients are saying:

Liz was very knowledgeable in helping me to put Hashimoto’s in remission! She has taught me so much! – Georgianne

It was so great speaking with you! Thank you for shedding light on what is something I’ve felt for my entire life. You spoke so many truths and I’m going to take some real time to let it soak in and start clearing and getting to the truth of things. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I’m very motivated and inspired… even more so… thank you. – Mia

I started seeing Liz several months ago for several reasons and she has been so helpful in educating me in the different ways food works with the body and has helped me discover some food sensitivities that were adding to my skin and joint problems, as well as severe fatigue. I still have some arthritis, but my skin is much better and I have more energy than I’ve had in months. I’m also medication free which was a huge goal for me. Liz has been essential in my journey of figuring out what is going on in this body of mine! – Sarah C.

Are my services for you?

The answer is YES, if you want to:

  • Get rid of physical health complaints

  • Figure out which diet will actually work for you

  • Don’t want a one-size-fits all band-aid approach or magic pill

  • Sift through the B.S. and find what actually works for you

  • Find the joy in life again

  • Stop living in a state of chronic stress, reacting to every trigger

  • Create the life you want for yourself

  • Stop being a victim to other people’s toxic energy

  • Love yourself, your body, and your life

  • Get clarity about the next correct steps to take

  • Be free from what is holding you back

  • Live out your true purpose and personality in the world without worrying about judgment

If you’re here, I believe you’re committed to turning your life and health around.

You have what it takes to release your energy blocks, uncover the cause of your illness, and become who you really are without being held back.