Liz Schau is an Intuitive Healer and Certified Holistic Health Coach who put her Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis into remission with functional nutrition. Liz is the former Wellness Coach for the renowned Amy Myers, M.D. and was trained by Dr. Myers in functional medicine approaches to autoimmune and thyroid diseases.

From a young age, Liz has been able to read people and situations to “get to the root of it”. For the last 7 years, she has been putting these skills to use coaching women with chronic health conditions and mind-body challenges discover their best health and unleash their personal power. Specifically, Liz is a body and soul reader and can “read” a person’s core wounds and life lessons — that which is holding them back in a stressed, sickened state, and that which they are ultimately here to do. She is often able to see what is wrong with a person’s physical health and mental state without much background detail. Liz prefers to pair her spiritual gifts with “hard science” (legitimate medical information and research) to create a balanced approach. 

After suffering a lifetime of abuse herself, Liz easily recognizes the challenges that highly sensitive or empathic people are presented with and what we must do in order to stop the cycles that keep us sick and held back from our life’s purpose and greatest potential. 

Liz is also a mom and feels passionate about raising healthy babies, home birth and other female-centered birthing options, breastfeeding, and nourishing children with traditional foods. She is the chapter leader for the San Antonio Weston A. Price Foundation which promotes education and advocacy for old-world style foods that have been forgotten in our modern culture. 

Nutrition and Intuitive/Energy Appointments can be made at Healthful Elements.