how do you show gratitude before a meal?

Growing up, gratitude for the family meal (usually dinner) always took the form of a prayer.  Today, I have a different relationship with food and am always deeply thankful for the quality of food I have access to, and the healthy things it does for my body. My gratitude usually comes in the form of conscious acknowledgment now that I am older: not everyone has access to such fresh, organic foods; I am painfully aware.  I am also aware that these foods have healing properties and without them, I wouldn’t be enjoying health or life as much as I can today. I trust that it is nourishing my body.

Part of the healing process comes not only in what we’re eating, but also how we’re eating.  Are we eating in a spirit of thanks — to mother earth, to the farmer, to the store down the street for stocking the goods, to friends and family for enjoying it with us?  Eating isn’t just about the nutrients in the food, but also how positive the experience is.

Being grateful can also mean slowing down, chewing thoroughly and really tasting the food we’re eating.  In doing so, our stomach muscles relax for proper digestion, our mood lifts, and we connect with the other people at the table, creating deep and meaningful relationships, and we can actually sense when our bodies are full.  Gratitude is truly a psychosomatic (mind-body) experience.

How do you show gratitude for your food? What is your ritual, before, during, and after meals? Do you try to slow down while eating?


4 thoughts on “how do you show gratitude before a meal?

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  2. I grew up always saying a blessing for my food and I still do and I am teaching my daughter to do so as well. I am thanking God for provision(my husband has a job that allows us to buy healthy food). Blessing the food to our bodies(Healing). I really am thankful that we are able to buy healthier foods. It doesn’t mean that we are rich. We, too, have made a conscious decision that this is an area where it is not okay to skimp. And, I would rather go w/o material things than good food…

    • Amy, I love how your daughter is truly learning what a blessing and honor it is to have good food set before you… that food doesn’t just come from the grocery store and magically appear on the table, but that you (her mom) took time to lovingly prepare it so that it will nourish her body. That’s such a beautiful eating ritual and she is going to have such a wonderful appreciation for food and health. :)

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