how to keep your thyroid healthy this summer, tip #4: wear less jewelry


Thyroid and jewelry?, you say; Where’s the connection? Well consider this: the most common cause of thyroid disease is autoimmunity.  Even if your thyroid condition is not diagnosed as autoimmune, it still could be an underlying issue (even if your blood work didn’t produce thyroid-specific antibodies), and additionally, you are still at great risk for developing autoimmunity in the future.

Autoimmunity is an allergic reaction — the body reacting to a foreign particle, and also confusing itself with the attacker, thereby eventually turning inward and attacking itself.

An estimated 10% of men, women, and children in the United States are allergic to nickle alone (other common metal allergies include cobalt and chromium as well).  Symptoms of metal allergies include redness, itching, and rashes. What’s one common way for us to be exposed to metals?  Well, our jewelry of course!

how to keep your thyroid healthy this summer, tip #4: wear less jewelry

When an allergic reaction to metal occurs, the body initiates an autoimmune response. This may not be a problem for those people who can tolerate metals on their skin, but for those that cannot, wear as little metal jewelry as possible.  Helping the thyroid means eliminating sources of allergic reactions. Here’s one very simplified equation:

allergy = autoimmunity = thyroid disease

So wear less jewelry this summer and it might just take some stress off your immune system and, as a result, thyroid.

Would you consider wearing less jewelry to help your thyroid function?


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8 thoughts on “how to keep your thyroid healthy this summer, tip #4: wear less jewelry

  1. This is interesting! I wore so much jewelry as a teenager and young adult. And a lot of cheap cosmetic stuff at that age. I do not know if I am allergic to any metals. But, I cannot wear any earrings except surgical steel and those sometimes still bother me. Also, my wedding ring(white gold) use to give an awful rash. Know when it stopped? When I changed my diet! Never thought about this before, Liz. I am amazed at the things I keep learning and the things you present!

    • Amy, it sounds like you probably are reacting allergically to the metal jewelry you’re wearing. You said you used to get rashes from rings… do earrings give you infections or hot, burning ear lobes? Those are both signals. It’s so intereting how all autoimmunity and allergic reactions are related, huh? There’s always so much more for us to learn…

      • That is exactly what happens! Hot and burning ear lobes. I only use to get a rash from my white gold wedding band. After I changed my diet this stopped. Very interesting!

  2. i know a lot of people assume they are allergic to the (more costly) sterling silver or 14k gold when they get a rash from their jewelry made from these elements. the sterling silver (that most of us are familiar with) is only 92.5% silver, the rest is copper. however, it’s interesting that nickel can occur as a trace element in st. silver and gold jewelry, and nickel is the biggest culprit for a persons allergic reaction to metal used in jewelry.

    i like the alternatives to .925 st. silver. one is “argentium” sterling silver. this is 97% silver where more of the copper is replaced with germanium. i haven’t met anyone allergic to it yet (and it’s very tarnish resistant) but i’m sure there are. also, pure silver has become very popular over the last several years as well. i use either argentium or pure silver when i make pieces now but use a respirator mask more than ever when working with metals.

    great topic, Liz!

  3. Hi Liz,

    What’s also really interesting about nickel is that it’s greatly present in the amalgamation that creates stainless steel used to make utensils and cookware!

    I’ve written a 3 part article about dangerous compounds in cooking utensils and cookware that can not only endanger thyroid function but also negatively impact male and female fertility. Your readers may find them useful. The articles can be found here

    Thanks for your great work in educating people Liz. I really admire your passion! Keep up the excellent work!

    Warm regards,
    Gabriela Rosa
    Natural Fertility Specialist/Naturopath
    MScM (RHHG) (Cand.), BHSc, ND, Post Grad NFM, DBM, Dip Nut, MATMS, MNHAA

  4. Liz,
    The phenomenon you describe is real and sadly few people are aware of it. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease after a blood test which showed that my body was attacking my thyroid. It came on suddenly and I was told that I could soon be having to take thyroid medication. The symptoms I was experiencing seem to coincide with me wearing a cheap silver necklace with a high nickel content. I was also.experiencing a slight allergic reaction around the neck (slight rash and itchiness). In order to test the theory that the necklace had brought on my condition, I stopped wearing it and had another blood test a few weeks later. Sure enough, the disease markers had disappeared and I have been in what doctors regard as “remission” for 4 years. Of course, my condition might some day return but there is no doubt in mind that heavy metal toxicity was a factor (at least and exacerbating one) in my condition.

    Thank you for putting this important information out there.

    • Thank u for info..i m also having metal allery.. 2 months ago i was diagnosed with hashimoto.when i find out its because of metal i removed the is 4th day but still i m having you tell me pls how much time it takes to go symptoms.thank u in advance .

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