name your percentage: how “from-the-ground” do you eat?

In the fall and winter, I frequent our local farmer’s market because of the fresh and varied (and affordable!)organic produce selection.  In the spring and summer, however, they’re off for the season (to build up the soil quality for the next planting), and I notice my purchasing of fresh veggies, citrus, and herbs also dips with their absence.  During the spring and summer, I tend to rely more on convenience foods, and although they are organic and natural, still contain sugars, carbohydrates, and synthetic vitamin enrichment that my body doesn’t need.

Eating whole, organic foods is the best thing we can do for our bodies and the first step toward transitioning to a life with more wellness: both physical ease and mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.  No matter the specifics of one’s eating plan, incorporating whole foods into our diet is the essential first component.  Along with most people, I also notice I feel better when eating whole foods, versus feeling more lethargic, tired, and cloudy when I don’t.  At least 75% from-the-ground foods is my general goal for eating; that is: 75% fresh, whole vegetables, proteins, seeds (hemp is my favorite), grains or beans, and herbs and spices, and 25% healthy convenience foods (such as coconut milk kefir).

What is your percentage? Do you notice that you feel better when eating from-the-ground fruits, grains, meats, vegetables and herbs?  Do you also tend to rely on pre-made or packaged items during the months that such produce items aren’t easily available to you?  How does your body react?

4 thoughts on “name your percentage: how “from-the-ground” do you eat?

  1. I think I eat maybe like 50% whole fresh foods. I know I need to change that…. because I am working on my health right now and need to boost that number to get more vitamins and minerals in my diet. It’s a slow process but I know it’s going to help out my health issues. I also have to figure out how to cook in a convenient way….

    • Hey Sara! Good for you! 50% is a great start! Do you think you would want to increase that number, since you mentioned health problems? It’s definitely a great way to get more vitamins and minerals in your diet, like you mentioned, to keep your body functioning at its best.

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