strong emotions make your body less able to acquire nutrition

We all have those people in our lives who seem to be addicted to their emotions — anger, jealousy, rage, arousal, excitement, suspense.  They’re the loved ones who will always find a way to sabotage themselves or certain situations; who, even when, to an observer, a problem seems easy to overcome, shrug off, or solve calmly, will make things much worse than they actually are.

The reality is, there are biochemical reasons for certain people to like certain emotions — it literally gives them a high.  When our emotions are heightened, peptides (chemical messengers) flood our bodies and attach to cell receptors, literally intoxicating us.  This is according to Marc David, of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, but a good documentary to watch is “What The Bleep Do We Know?“. They explain that our minds and chemical messengers create our realities. IE: we all have power over our thoughts, lives, and destinies, even though we often don’t act like it.  However, being addicted to our emotions often renders us unable to create the lives we want to live.

Additionally, these chemicals (peptides) render other things near useless as well: our efforts at healthy eating.  Over time, and with constant intense emotions, our cells divide to create new cells which become covered with more peptide receptors, thereby crowding out room for the cell to acquire nutrition.  This means, no matter how healthy we may be eating, if we are in a constant state of emotional highs and upheaval, our body will receive less and less nutritive value from our food.  The only solution is to calm down and become a thoughtful observer rather than a reactor.  And maybe the truth isn’t so much that we are what we eat, but rather, we are what we feel.

Did you know that peptides can cause our cells to receive less nutrition from our food?  What do you do to become less dependent upon your emotions?


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