herbed guacamole: the best way to sneak probiotics into a meal

I’m a big fan of raw fermented sauerkraut for its rich probiotic and vitamin and mineral content.  Probiotics help us have healthy, balanced flora, and healthy flora is our first line of defense against all kinds of diseases and ailments.  But making sure to eat probioics every day can sometimes be a challenge if the food you’re making doesn’t naturally contain the stuff.  I find that the best way to make sure I get my daily intake is to hide sauerkraut and fermented veggies in the foods I’m preparing.

Of course, probiotic foods need to be eaten raw, so sneaking them into other foods lends itself best to cold dishes.  My favorite is an herbed guacamole dip that I make from time to time.  The recipe is really simple and not at all exact — it can be made with whatever produce you happen to have in the house (any onions, herbs, tomato varieties, bell or hot peppers) and in any quantities that suit your needs. The recipe below serves two.


Sprinkle the flesh of one avocado with lime juice and a pinch of sea salt; add 1/2 cup of diced tomato, and smash together.  Add a tablespoon each of cilantro and chives (or any other herbs you have in the house/garden, like parsley, dill, etc.).  Scoop a heaping spoonful of raw fermented sauerkraut into the bowl (I prefer a jalapeno sauerkraut to give it some heat), and mix.

The sauerkraut isn’t even detectable; instead the guacamole dip tastes like you’ve added a splash of vinegar.  The dip is best served with raw veggies, or sprouted corn tortillas that have been fried in coconut oil (my fav!).

And by the way, this post is a part of GNOWFGLINS‘s Probiotics at Every Meal — Snacks.  Check out the other entries for more ideas on getting probiotics into your daily meals and routine!

How do you get probiotics into your daily meals?


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