to avoid colds this fall, respect nature’s guidelines: eat in season


In a world where BigAg (industrial agriculture, that is) is king, it’s easy to lose sight of the local farmer, the backyard garden, and the county co-op.  It’s also easy to forget that fruits and vegetables have natural seasons in which they are supposed to grow.  While we can go to the supermarket and (generally) purchase goods year-round, no matter the season or weather conditions, it may not be supporting our health.  That is because mother nature provides us all of the medicine we’d ever need, in the form of whole foods, fresh produce, and in-season eats. This fall, to avoid colds and flus, respect the inherent guidelines that all other creatures in their natural habitats adhere to: eat in season.

When we eat in season, we are acting instinctively, like all other mammals, and relying on the earth for food for the respective season.  In fall, nature has provided us access to certain fruits and veg, which contain chemical compounds and antioxidants specifically designed to support our systems in the cool, windy, dry, and dark of fall.  Instead of playing reactor, try the role of predictor and take proactive precautions against sickness before it happens.  IE: Don’t wait to get the cold and then buy NyQuil, prepare for not getting the cold in the first place.

If we tune into our bodies, we will notice they are inherently trying to steer us in the right direction — towards more instinctive natural behaviors and patterns of eating, and less industrialized and “available-year-round” habits we inevitably fall prey to.  Fall officially started the other week; did you begin craving apples, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and mushrooms?  Once we start recognizing and honoring nature’s guidelines for the way things ought to be, we can begin experiencing better health, greater wellness, and personal growth.

Here’s a guide to the in-season produce of fallWhat is your favorite seasonal fruit or vegetable for your area?


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