“Healing Hashimoto’s” part 1 (my personal story of healing disease)

Ever wonder how I got into the big wide world of Holistic Health and why I chose to become a Holistic Health Counselor?  Why do I care about your health and want to work with you to overcome your chronic illness?  It was the place life chose to take me, due to a health crisis I had to endure, learn from, and eventually overcome.

Can an incurable disease be healed and put into unmedicated remission?  I say yes, because that’s exactly what happened with my autoimmune disease: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Read all about my story (the diagnosis, the disease, the journey, and the truth) at Naturally Knocked Up in the first part of my two-part article, Healing Hashimoto’s!

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7 thoughts on ““Healing Hashimoto’s” part 1 (my personal story of healing disease)

  1. Hi,

    Your story was so inspirational. But I was wondering how long would you say it took for you to figure out what was best for your body. I have PCOS and have been doing a ton of research but in general there is so much conflicting information. I know that my best bet is trhough trial and error and figuring out what works best for my body. But at the same time I worry that I might unknowingly be hurting my body or that somehow I may not “understand” my body or really be able to interpret what would be best.

    Any thoughts on this matter would be super helpful. Thanks so much and Congrats on all that you have done!

    • Hi there Nicole!

      To be honest, I am still on that journey… I don’t think we ever can get to a place where we know everything — our bodies and environment are always changing! But in general, it took me about a year and a half to get to the bottom (discover) of all of my underlying imbalances and allergies.

      Why don’t we set-up a free health history consultation so I can hear more about your health story and how I would be able to help you

  2. I am interested in hearing about natural ways to deal with my Hashimoto’s. At the age of 38 I was diagnosed with the disease. Until 3 years ago I was taking synthroid. However, after getting a job with no health insurance I started taking raw thyroid in the form of Thyroid caps by Solaray. I have felt better. However, with my limited budget I am always looking for ways to enhance the work that they capsules are doing.

    • Katherine, so sorry to hear all of this. Let’s set-up a free consultation so I can hear more in depth what is going on with you and how I will be able to help you. Sound good?

  3. I got this disease at the age of 15. Like you, I was a sick child. But, in high school, as a straight A student, I began to fall asleep. Doctors wouldn’t even consider Hashimoto’s due to my age even though every female in my family has it. 18 now, I still never feel very well. I’ve seen people going gluten-free and taking iodine to help their disease. I’m curious about your help because I’ve noticed I react strangely to some foods. My insurance now covers my Levothyroxine, and as a college student I’m doubting I could afford naturally dealing with Hashimoto’s. Your story encourages me, but I am still unsure.

    • Hi there Shelby! So sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with Hashimoto’s, and that you’ve felt sick for so long. I understand just how difficult it is. It’s great that you are open to natural health techniques for Hashimoto’s and that you’re interested! I would love to chat with you more about your situation and how I can help you. Let’s set-up a free consultation to chat more.

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