“Healing Hashimoto’s” part 2 (my personal story of healing disease)

Part 2 of “Healing Hashimoto’s“, my personal story of healing disease hosted over at Naturally Knocked Up gets much more more personal as I reveal the startling truths I inevitably came to about the mainstream medical system and why I realized I just could not leave my health in its hands. 

Read the rest of my story, the kind of medicine I found my way into, the type of diet I found was best for me, and how this Hashimoto’s story comes to a close HERE!  Trust me, there is a happy ending — not just for me, but for you as well!


4 thoughts on ““Healing Hashimoto’s” part 2 (my personal story of healing disease)

  1. I found you through Naturally Knocked Up and the articles that were featured on it. I am a health coach and love to hear stories of people who have become proactive with their life and health and refused to believe traditional medicinal teaching – which usually gives a person no hope. When I became pregnant with my 1st child 6 years ago, I was told I had low-thyroid. Not low enough to be on medication, but low non the less. It was the same with my second pregnancy. I decided to take control and since I already have an amazing eating regimen of real and living foods, I began using vitamins, herbs and supplements to aid in healing my body. It is working and I feel so much better than I have in 6 years!
    Great articles. I look forward to looking through your website!

    • Hi there Kari! So good to connect with you, both as a fellow Health Counselor and also as someone who has had thyroid issues! Sounds like we both had to experience health problems in order to find real food.

      How is Health Counseling for you? I love it — it’s so rewarding. :) What kind of clients do you typically work with?

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