LIVE interview this Wednesday at 10:30 AM EST with Natalia KW – live food chef & author of ‘Pure Pleasures’

Exciting news, everyone!  My favorite recipe book author and chef, Natalia KW will be joining me this week on Blog Talk Radio!  That’s right — join me, Liz, on this Wednesday March 16th as I have the distinct honor of interviewing Natalia KW — live food chef and author of Pure Pleasures: Luscious Live Food Recipes from the Glowing Temple Kitchen.

Natalia and I will be speaking about specialized health diets and how they affect relationships.  After all, let’s face it: while there are tons of health food-related blogs, companies, and healers out there encouraging us to change our diets for the better, the emotional component of a special diet rarely gets discussed.  Making dramatic dietary changes can take a toll on the way we relate to and interact with others in life.  So, Natalia and I will be breaking down the facade and speaking openly about our experiences as we transitioned from a Standard American Diet into healthier, specialized eating, and how it affected our mental/emotional/spiritual lives as well as the lives of the people around us.

The live interview will begin at 10:30 am EST on Wednesday, so tune in at to catch all the juicy dishing! Also, be sure to come armed with questions for Natalia — have you been dying to have a raw food question answered? Or, do you already have a copy of Pure Pleasures and want to thanks Natalia for her delicious raw food creations? Call in live to the show and you may just get the chance! (Guest call-in number provided on show page). See you there!


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