Gut Health 101: LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW this Sunday 4 pm EST

There’s lots of talk in the natural health world about “the gut” and the role it plays in perpetuating disease or creating vibrant wellness — have you noticed?  But, do you ever wonder what exactly it means when people say “heal your gut”? That phrase can sound pretty ambiguous and overwhelming; just what relevance does the gut and healing it have on overall health, mood, spirituality, creativity, hormones, and immunity?

Tune into this Sunday, March 27th at 4:00 pm EST as Emily J. Butler, Certified Health Counselor and owner of Core Wisdom Wellness, and I examine the role the gut plays in physical and emotional health, as well as specific tactics to combat gut dysfunction. Learn the most common mistakes people make when trying to heal their gut and which dietary changes are most effective as well as how Holistic Health Counselors guide clients through the maze of gut health!


2 thoughts on “Gut Health 101: LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW this Sunday 4 pm EST

    • Hi there Sanaa!

      I think your grandfather was right — I definitely agree with him about the gut. :) Hope you had a chance to tune-in. You have a lovely site and it looks like you’re doing amazing work! So great to connect!

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