three things you can do right now to help your thyroid

Chances are, like many people in the West, your thyroid treatment plan looks something like this: you get a diagnosis of a thyroid disease (likely hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s), were given a prescription, and have your numbers checked every now and then. While this is a standard approach and can be helpful in many respects, it also puts you — the patient, the one whose health matters most — in a hands-off passive position. When the doctor tells you there’s not much more you can do besides take your medicine on time and hope for the best, it can leave us feeling disheartened and not in control. The good news however, is that there are many things you can do to naturally improve your thyroid health — boost hormones and calm the immune system.

Here are three things you can do right now to help your thyroid health:

  1. Get off of food allergens. Have you heard so much about gluten-free this or dairy-free that but didn’t feel like it applied to you? Well, it probably does. Food allergens become hormone disruptors and immune stimulants — two things that cause and contribute to autoimmune thyroid disease. Therefore, even if you don’t have any obvious, overt food allergy symptoms, chances are, you need to get off of major allergens to improve your thyroid/immune health.
  2. Switch up your drink of choice. If you’re anything like me (an iced tea aficionado), you’re swigging down lots of icy teas in this summer heat. But if your tea of choice is black, you are probably ingesting and absorbing lots of fluoride. Fluoride, although widely promoted for a healthy smile, is also a thyroid-disruptor. Switch to herbal teas, purified water with lemon, or other drinks.
  3. Stop stressing. Stress is an endocrine disruptor. Finding outlets for your thoughts and emotions, or ways to manage your stress level is essential. Despite the difficult circumstances in our lives, we have to find ways to adapt. The success of our thyroid is truly dependent upon it.

what will you do today to feel more empowered and help your thyroid health?


9 thoughts on “three things you can do right now to help your thyroid

  1. Hi Annieology!

    So great to connect with you. I did LOVE IIN. I’m actually going to a conference next weekend with them in NYC. I learned so much there and also grew so much personally and professionally. They genuinely want people to be happy and healthy. It’s a magical atmosphere.

    So sorry to hear about your thyroid. Do you find that anything is helping? The key is to get to the root cause…. to stop the autoimmunity.

    • No, I was dx’d with hypo after my third child 12 yr ago. only because my grandmother in law insisted I asked to get it checked. Given Synthroid and patted on the head. Last yer, even on Synthroid, I had a TSH level of 46 and threw a fit. I’ve since gone to desiccated, and have nearly eliminated all processed foods, but still getting the “there is nothing we can do, just treat the symptoms” I have decided that no longer works for me.

  2. Wondering if Kombucha tea, which is brewed with black tea is still a detriment… I have Hashimoto’s and am really needing to find a way to heal it now. I have been making and drinking Kombucha for a number of years now… could you tell me what you think?

    • Hi there Krystal. I really wouldn’t worry about the black tea as long as it is being fermented, which, in the case of kombucha, it is. Those friendly bacteria help to protect us against toxins and chemicals, and therefore, and detriment would be totally overshadowed by how healthy the probiotic beverage is.

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