what i learned from Dr. Mark Hyman, Sally Fallon, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman this past weekend {and how it relates to your thyroid}

One of the most wonderful things about the nutrition school I attended is that they offer professional enrichment opportunities even after students graduate. And this school is very well-connected. That means amazing opportunities for me to continue learning directly from the famous doctors, physicians, activists, authors, and nutrition gurus and bring their cutting-edge information right back to you.

This past weekend, I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition fall conference in NYC and was so delighted to be lectured by Dr. Mark Hyman (who often specializes in thyroid and autoimmune disease), Deepak Chopra (formerly an endocrinologist, now a mind-body guru), Dr. Joel Fuhrman (a vegetable, anti-cancer advocate), Joe Cross (of the film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead), Kathy Freston (author and vegan advocate), Dr. Dukan (of the famous Dukan Diet), and my personal favorite — food science heroine and founder of the Weston A Price Foundation, Sally Fallon.

All of this information will be healthy for you to incorporate into your life. But, I have specifically highlighted things that will be directly beneficial to your thyroid and autoimmunity, in green.

Here are the highlights from the weekend.

Dr. Hyman

This man is a Functional Medicine rock star. He helps his patients get to the root of why the illness is happening. He has helped many people heal their autoimmune disease, and has a penchant for nutritional approaches that easing thyroid disease.

Some of my favorite quotes of his:

  • We have a social disease: chronic disease and obesity
  • We need a social cure [for health problems]
  • You [holistic health counselors/coaches] are the community health workers of the future

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The focus of his lecture was immunity and cancer. Specifically, those eating a “Standard American Diet” will have very low (scary low!) immunity and be extremely susceptible to cancer and infectious diseases.What does a Standard American Diet look like? Hot dogs, grocery store bread, non-organic fruits and vegetables, ketchup with high fructose corn syrup, Doritos, soda, ranch dressing, grilled cheese sandwiches, conventional yogurt and cheese, etc. etc.

His main points:

  • Greens are healing and inhibit cancer growth and the AIDS virus
  • We are dependent upon green vegetables for our well-being
  • Mycosinase and glucosinolates = anti-cancer compounds in greens. But these compounds must be liberated before being cooked: either by chewing the food with healthy oral flora/bacteria, or by blending in a blender before cooking. [“Chew”/agitate greens before you cook them]
  • The average person needs 500 mg of greens daily (several cups)
  • Lutein or Alpha carotene are both blood markers for greens intake
  • Mushrooms are an integral part of the immune system
  • Antigen-binding lectins in mushrooms = inhibit growth of blood cells in (fat or cancer) tissue; ie: help with weight regulation
  • Aromatase inhibitors in mushrooms = reduce estrogen levels in the body

Some of my favorite quotes of his:

  • The body is self-healing.
  • All S.A.D. [Standard American Diet] -eaters are immune depressed

Sally Fallon

This woman is a food science genius and a true role model. I probably also like her and her message (Weston A Price Foundation) because as she describes it, “It’s the most subversive nutrition literature out there.” Ohhh yeah.

Sally spoke on the USDA guidelines for eating and how they are psuedo-science, deficient in many essential nutrients, and how this leads to major health problems.

Her main points:

  • Choline, as found in eggs, protects against EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies; the bad electronic pollution that pulls down the thyroid and harms the brain)
  • People feel guilty for eating fats because fats have been vilified. But fats are essential to health! This guilt can lead to obesity and eating disorders.
  • The Standard American Diet is heavy on bad fats (trans fats, vegetable oils) and otherwise very lean/low-fat
  • Liquid industrial oils (canola, soy, etc.) produce uncontrolled reactions within the body — including autoimmunity
  • Dietary cholesterol has little-to-no impact on blood cholesterol
  • Cholesterol is the mother of all hormones; we need to be eating lots of health sources of cholesterol for normal hormonal health. 
  • Protein depletes vitamin A in the body. So we need to eat vitamin A with our proteins to supplement.
  • Protein always comes with fats, so eat the fat.
  • The four food groups:
    • 1). Animal foods from pastured, wild-caught or grass-fed animals (including bone broths, cheese, meat, and fish)
    • 2). Grains, legumes, and nuts that have been prepared properly (soaked, sprouted, fermented, etc.)
    • 3). Fruit and vegetables that are either raw, cooked, or lacto-fermented (ie: probiotic)
    • 4). Animal fats and healthy vegetable fats, including but not limited to lard, tallow, cod liver oil, coconut oil, palm oil

Some of my favorite quotes of hers:

  • Aristocracy of the healthy = the idea that people who care for their bodies and diet will be more happy and  successful than those who do not
  •  There is a shortage of people in the jobs that require brain power. This is because due to poor diet, many people suffer concentration, emotional, and clear thinking issues
  • We cannot have a grocery store system and at the same time have a healthy diet. In other words, make it yourself if you want to be healthy!

So what did you learn here? What is most interesting to you? Which of these speakers resonate with you?


9 thoughts on “what i learned from Dr. Mark Hyman, Sally Fallon, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman this past weekend {and how it relates to your thyroid}

  1. Sally Fallon is the poster child quack. Telling people to eat dietary cholesterol and saturated fats (both non-essential nutrients) is like telling people they need to eat blood and hair to have blood and hair! Fallon does not practice medecine – she is just a hired gun for the meat industry. Her advice is also opposite of Fuhrman and Hyman, so if you like them all your are a confused person. Fuhrman is most likely the only one on your list that practices real medecine with patients and helps people reverse their diseases. Hyman is somewhere in the middle but a bit too focused on making money on his site like Dr. Quack Mercola. However, Hyman’s advice is still safe and ok for the most part.

    • Actually there is room for lots of different dietary theories and I can appreciate them all. This is a much better approach than being dogmatic.

      You’re perfectly entitled to feel how you do, meanwhile people are following all of this nutritional advice and getting well!
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone, powered by CREDO Mobile.

    • Are you the legendary “John Doe,” gosh, I thought we’d never meet, well, communicate. That aside, I met Sally Fallon 8 or so years ago in Ocean Shores, WA, and she told her story of her illness, that she loved Granola and it made her sick, and if you feel inclined look up Kellogg’s low fat granola ingredients and even a neophyte with a mean streak and limited knowledge will see nothing is good about that junk. It’s the creation of a company originated for the sole purpose of inhibiting masturbation in boys, and I refer to John Harvey Kellogg, a seemingly rational doctor who had hang ups about sex, in other words corn flakes were produced to weaken sex drive. You might call that an insanity that spread throughout the nation since vegetarian and vegan are recommended for priests, nuns, and other strange people. Joe Mercola is controversial in that he changes his mind sometimes and people who don’t understand mind changing information is necessary and science is always changing. Joe is a guy who wants to live forever or live as healthily as possible for as long as possible. He does a lot of good but does upset the FDA and conventional misguided modern medicine physicians, but ask a doctor if he’d be a doctor if he had it to do over again, 9 out of 10 said NO! It’s truly drug related quackery masking symptoms and destroying health with toxic chemicals and side effects. You make accusations based on ignorance, and sound a bit like an impotent vegan that wakes up angry that nothing works though you tried many things. The Paleo folks might lead you in a direction that makes sense for you sound a bit directionless, well, that’s your problem, but insofar as Sally Fallon Morel (her married name), you know nothing.

    • You’re an idiot John Doe. Fuhrman is the quack. No fat diet? Go for it dude. Many people have died from fat deficiency throughout history. Vegan diets are detrimental to health. The science is in your face. Fuhrman and Colin Campbell have been discredited time and time again. Enjoy your nutrient deficient life.

  2. I have read all three authors and have seen valid points in all three. Weston A. Price was a dentist and not a rancher – I think it is a huge leap to accuse Fallon of being a hired gun for the meat industry. It is true that our observations of how things appear to be linked can in the end turn out to be different, but – eating lots of vegetables, fruits, grains in their whole forms and healthy fats seems to be sensible advice. Fallon doesn’t steer away from animal products but does teach how to buy and prepare them healthily. I think all 3 can be taken together, they all agree that sugar and processed foods are the enemy and the proof is in the pudding when people eat these ways and attain health and well being. Being open to information instead of close minded seems to be a more healthy state to me.

  3. I keep seeing the Weston Price Foundation accused of being funded by the “meat industry” – apparently a reference to cattle ranchers, feed lots, and industrial meat processing. If you see that accusation, then, you know the person (eg John Doe) who made it doesn’t know what they’re talking about. WP advocates traditional diets – i.e. those found in populations which prior to being contaminated by modern industrial food did not have in any significant frequency the degenerative “diseases of civiliation” – obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc. Such populations have been studied by others than Weston Price (e g Steffan Lindeberg MD – “Food and Western Disease” , 2012) who have come to similar conclusions as Weston Price did decades ago Traditional diets include animal foods and plant foods close to their natural state, or prepared in ways that enhance bioavailability of nutrients, for example fermentation. Sally Fallon and other WP writers therefore are advancing grass fed, locally produced animal foods from family farms – not those from “the meat industry”, or those occuring in nature (e.g. venison an other wild game) as well as plant foods prepared healthfully.
    Regarding your article about the conference, I was surprised to see some of these people speaking together since Dr. Fuhrman has cast aspersions against Weston Price (Furhman is close to vegan in his recommendations, although he allows infrequent use of animal foods to obtain B12). It would have been interesting to have had some of these people engage in a debate on some of the more contentious aspects of their respective dietary recommendations.

  4. Hi Tom,

    I agree with you entirely. There are many proponents and research to contradict both WP and Fuhrman. There are also many hidden agendas (self promotion being one of them) across all methods of research; and basic scientific controls missing from many of the experiments i.e. the Health/Diet/Location of the animals that are consumed in any study.

    How I deal with this is simple:

    If you read on any of them, take all with a pinch of salt, and look for commonalities between them. I.e. eats lots of cooked veg, avoid refined food products. And test yourself what works well for you at that time. Everyone is different at different times and addressing not just the food but you as a whole (emotionally, environmentally, spiritually) is the only way to heal and grow. Everything healthy in moderation to keep balance.

    Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.

    *John Doe – try cutting all cholesterol & saturated fat out of your diet if you believe it to be non-essential and see how you fair…

  5. I have seen results from both. My brother’s family swears by Sally Fallon’s diet and their health has improved they say. For my part, I took Joel Fuhrman’s advice and in the last 12 weeks I have regained my physical and mental health, even losing 35 pounds. I cannot think of going back to my previous diet, albeit heathy vegetables with the addition of breads, eggs, dairy and occasional meat. Three months ago I was a slave to my toxic hunger, but now I never feel hungry, tired or fat! I feel invigorated!

    My brother and his family say the same about their health. It beats me! The only thing I can make of it is that each family has to decide itself and what gives them the best health.

    One observation I see between the two is that Fuhrman focuses on eating only the highest micronutrient-dense foods within fats, proteins and carbs and Sally focuses on macronutrients (fat/protein/carbs) without the heavy focus on micronutrients.

    To each his own.

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