30 surprising uses for coconut oil

January is your time to jump start your thyroid and help your immune system function properly — all possible by doing things the natural way. This month, I’m giving away a HUGE 54 oz jar of organic coconut oil to everyone who enrolls in a Health Counseling Program.  But even though coconut oil has become popular with thyroid and autoimmune ladies, sometimes it’s hard to come up with new and creative uses for it. So, here’s a list of 30 — yes, 30! — uses for coconut oil so you can get in as much thyroid-stimulating and immune-enhancing organic goodness as possible! Which of these will you try?:

  1. perfect for sauteing food stove top (obvious one!)
  2. stimulates the thyroid and metabolism (take 1 tablespoon orally daily)
  3. adds healthy fat and lowers the glycemic index of fruit smoothies
  4. oil pulling liquid (swish around in mouth to resolve gum and throat infections)
  5. a basting liquid for roasted meat (roasted chicken with coconut oil is delish!)
  6. moisturizes skin by applying topically
  7. heals nail infections by applying a small amount to nails everyday
  8. removes eye make-up
  9. conditions dry hair
  10. thickens “raw food” desserts and treats (once refrigerated)
  11. wards off colds and flus when taken orally or eaten in food
  12. makes toothpaste, once mixed with baking soda (and maybe food grade essential oils)
  13. lubricant (wink-wink)
  14. diaper rash relief for babies when applied topically
  15. heals cuts and scrapes when applied topically
  16. lessens hives when applied topically
  17. heals ear infections when applied as an ear oil inside canal
  18. helps seasonal allergies when applied inside of nose
  19. controls cravings when eaten daily
  20. balances blood sugar thanks to the medium-chain fatty acids (healthy fats)
  21. fights intestinal infections like candida, H. pylori, SIBO when eaten daily
  22. perfect replacement for butter in any recipe (exchange for equal parts)
  23. repels insects when combined with an essential oil
  24. greases pans and muffin tins without the use of canned propellant oils
  25. seasons cast iron cookware
  26. best frying oil due to its high-temperature burning point
  27. makes an excellent homemade deodorant
  28. lymphatic mover/detox-er (when massaged into skin daily)
  29. lip balm
  30. delicious for popping homemade popcorn

which of these have you tried? which do you want to try?

Want your own 54 oz jar of this coconut wonder food? Email Liz (LizSchau@Gmail.com) to schedule a free consultation. We’ll talk about your health concerns, health goals, and my Health Counseling Program for ladies with thyroid and autoimmune disease. Get the specific diretion to make 2012 your healthiest year yet.

5 thoughts on “30 surprising uses for coconut oil

  1. Do you think reason #7 could include healing toenail fungus? I’ve tried the ridiculous acid creams to no avail. Also, do you have a specific kind of coconut oil that you recommend?

    • Absolutely! Coconut oil, sunshine, and an anti-fungal diet would all be healing for that. Ultimately if you have fungus growing out of your body through your nail, that means that you have a systemic fungal infection inside your body as well. So healing it from the inside out is really the best way. It takes time but it does heal.

  2. i was wondering if the jarred coconut oil expires? i have had m
    ine for at least 5 years was using it for facial moisturizer and then stopped. its been in my bathroom cabinet….just wondering????

    • I’m pretty sure coconut oil has a long shelf life. It doesn’t go rancid like other oils (vegetable oils). If you’re unsure, you could just use it for external purposes (like on your skin, etc.).

    • Hi Michele, I really don’t think it necessarily expires. Coconut oil is one of the most stable fats so it has little chance of going rancid. But how does it smell/taste? If it doesn’t seem off, it shouldn’t be — again it’s very stable.

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