how to re-purpose old oil jars (and avoid canola and soy)

One of my favorite lessons to teach my clients has to do with fats. We’re so fearful of fats in the U.S. that we’ve gone to great lengths to invent new “healthier” oils to substitute the traditional fats people have always eaten; traditional as in, you know, those saturated fat and cholesterol-rich foods, which, believe it or not, actually promote thyroid and immune function! The worst of the newer oils have to be canola and soy — both new to the food chain and both implicated in inflammation, autoimmunity, and hormonal imbalance. The solution? Healthy, old-world style fats that people have always eaten. One of my favorites of course being coconut oil — and I’m even giving away a huuuuuge 54 oz jar of it this month for everyone who enrolls in one of my health counseling programs.

But if you’re anything like me, you go through lots of these healthy oils and fats and end up with empty greasy containers and throw them away or recycle. Instead of tossing them, I’ve started saving these jars. Why? Well, because even though they may be empty, there’s technically still alot of life left in them — for basting, greasing, and coating pots, pans, and food. I avoid those propellant sprays that help to grease pans and tins because most contain soy and canola oil (among other chemicals).

Use a food brush to wipe the inside of those greasy jars, get the brush well-coated, and then swipe onto cookie sheets, muffin tins, roasted chicken, fish, vegetables, and anything else that requires a little fat. It’s simple, economical, eco-friendly, and above all, so much healthier than canola and soy oils. Your immune system and thyroid will thank you.

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