Peanut butter cookie dough energy bars (paleo, vegan)



Are you familiar with date paste? I get it at my local middle eastern markets. It’s just plain, pitted dates that have been blended together into a super smooth consistency. It’s one of my favorite secret ingredients for using as a base for homemade energy/snack/granola bars and desserts. It’s also really cheap and has a better texture than regular whole dates.

Date paste offer a smooth, chewy, sweet flavor to sugar-free, grain-free treats and baked goods. It’s a great sugar alternative.

Today I’m sharing a recipe for peanut butter energy bars; similar to those popular ones in the store (starts with an “L”). These remind me of a delicious raw peanut butter cookie dough. And best of all it’s free of some major allergens, totally adaptable got your diet specifics, and easy to make!


Peanut butter cookie dough (energy bars)

1 cup date paste
1/2 cup nut butter of your choice (I used natural peanut butter but you can also use almond butter, cashew or hazelnut or macadamia nut butter if peanuts are a concern for you)
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
Pinch of unrefined sea salt
Splash of vanilla
Food processor
Baking dish or pie dish

Place all ingredients in food processor. Blend until combined, but leave some texture in the coconut flakes. It will form a dough and may our may not pull up onto a large ball on the sides of the food processor.


Place dough in pie dish and press down into one even layer.


Refrigerate until firm, then cut into pieces. Or eat by the spoonful! Enjoy!

A few notes: feel free to add other delicious and healthy mix ins like Chia seeds, cocoa powder/raw cacao, whole toasted nuts, lemon zest, coconut flour, etc.

When selecting date paste, make sure it’s got a pliable texture in the package. Some are very firm and hard to blend. You want one that is relatively pliable.


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