How to stop hair loss or re-grow hair

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Losing hair is a major blow to women because it represents to much of our beauty and identity. Whether the hair loss is due to a thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, or nutrient deficiency, it is a visible symptom that something is wrong with our health and it can range from embarrassing to devastating and that makes us vulnerable. 

How to stop hair loss

The most important first step when dealing with hair loss is to identify the cause. Yes, thyroid disease gets blamed as a catch-all for hair loss, but there are almost always underlying nutritional factors that need to be addressed to stop it. 

Nutrients that are commonly low:

  • Minerals: magnesium, potassium, zinc, silica
  • Fatty acids
  • Iron
  • B vitamins. Another kind of anemia is called megaloblastic anemia which caused by B vitamin deficiency.

Ways to stimulate new hair growth:

  • Horsetail: This is an herb that is used to grow back hair. Works great but will take a few months. 
  • Biotin: This is a B vitamin that stimulates hair growth.
  • Liver: This is a naturally-occurring source of iron and B vitamins that won’t constipate as many iron supplements do. 
  • Marine oil: cod liver oil, fish oil, salmon oil, krill oil, etc. for the fatty acid content.
  • Multi-mineral supplement 
  • Digestive enzyme: This should contain lipase, protease, amylase. These will help you absorb more nutrients from the foods you’re eating.
  • Betaine: Low stomach acid can affect how your absorb iron and B vitamins. Take with meals. 
  • Anti-septic herbs: olive leaf extract, black walnut, Humaworm, etc. because bad gut bugs are a common cause of low iron. 
  • Stop stressing and find ways to relax and stop thinking about the hair loss. Stress will only cause more hormonal changes that won’t benefit you. 
  • Get your cortisol and thyroid checked and treat as necessary.
  • Stop using chemical-based hygiene and beauty products.
  • Stimulate liver function by adding in beets, beet kvass, bitter greens, dandelion or alfalfa tea.
  • Eliminate food allergens. This is a major cause of underlying hair loss.

First identify the cause of the hair loss and then work with a practitioner to decide which options are best. 

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