the metabolic consequences of distracted eating

Whether or not you’ve been formally diagnosed with thyroid disease, you can still be in a poor metabolic state: chronic hormonal imbalances, and blood sugar or insulin swings.

This can be due to:
-poor eating habits we acquired from our families of origin
-external stressors
-internal stressors (shame, fear, anger, resentment, etc)
-chemical exposure
-genetic inheritance
-congenital nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances
-and more

Poor eating habits can mean the kinds of foods we grew up eating but it can also mean eating habits like eating too quickly, eating while stressed or angry, not paying attention while we’re eating, craving distractions like tv or social media while eating, and constantly overeating because it’s pleasurable.

This weekend some family friends visited us. They have an 8 month old who is exploring foods and loving them. He’s a hefty boy with a new found love of food. His mom asked me if I thought babies could ever overeat. I told her I didn’t believe babies this young were able to turn off the “I’m full signal” from gut to brain, but that adults are VERY good at this. If you’ve been around kids for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed they physically can’t (ahem) “hold down” too much food. It feels very uncomfortable to them. Also note the full sensory experience that eating is for young children — they are involving their every sense.

One of the best ways to start regulating hormones and your metabolic, fat burning potential is to merely pay attention to what you’re eating. When you really pay attention, you are more satisfied with the amount of food you’re eating. You feel full faster and don’t end a meal feeling like you still would like something to eat (aka the after dinner snack). You don’t stuff yourself to get a burst of pleasure (aka dopamine rush), because the meal itself was already pleasurable.


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