Empath sabotage type 4: left-brained logic

In order for science and medicine to be at their most useful to the population, left-brained thinking must be tempered and balanced with equal right-brained activity. Research or systems that do not take the human condition or human experience into consideration are lacking. Human health and life is not a mere matter of tracking and reporting observable, demonstrable data through mass and time, it is also a matter of listening and believing the observations of humans themselves — their feelings, experiences, and more anecdotal evidence that cannot easily be measured or recreated in a laboratory setting. The things we cannot prove — or no one wants to prove — but have observed for ourselves or felt are true on a basic level are legitimate yet often ignored or silenced. 

Empaths tend to have a greater right-brained activity than most because the right-brain is largely responsible for more un-observable phenomena such as feeling, which puts us in the minority. While we may think we are endowed with the ability to engage in free thinking, mainstream sciences, education, and politics largely discounts the real human experience in all its facets for the benefit of a larger system of control — a point-A-to-point-B standardizing which makes it easier for us to be led and in powerless positions.

You have likely observed this yourself in the doctor’s office: “I understand you think you don’t feel well, but your labs look normal so perhaps you are overly emotional, depressed, need to exercise, or need to take a different dose of medication. There is nothing more I need to do” you may have been told. You have likely also experienced this in relationships where you have confided in a good friend or relative about what is transpiring in your life, only to be talked out of it, have it dismissed, be told you are dramatic, or told you need to feel differently. For example, you tell someone about difficulties in your life only for them to tell you they are “worried about you” for feeling this way, or to tell others they are “worried about you” for feeling this way. Their concern often stems out of a fear of your emotions and your ability to readily feel them, rather than an empathy for what you are actually going through. What they are really saying is, “Your emotions scare me. You feel too much. This is unpredictable and I am uncomfortable with anything unpredictable. I don’t want to be perceived as unpredictable like you.” A non-right-brained thinker may assume, “Since I don’t feel the way you do, there must be something unreliable about the way you feel. I need more proof.” A right-brained thinker says, “I may not feel the same as you about this, but I understand why you are feeling this way because I have felt that emotion before myself.”

Often, when you try to explain right-brained phenomena to others you can immediately see their eyes glaze over, their ears shut off, and their mind translate your words as “womp womp womp” or “blah blah blah”. They don’t know they are doing this and likely don’t mean to, but it is as if their brain begins overriding the data they are receiving and translating it into “this is a waste of time, this is naive and stupid, if you listen to them or take them seriously you will be naive and stupid too.” The biological brain “computer” has trained itself to override any data that would leave them vulnerable to the unknown or make them question their preexisting belief system. 

Or, perhaps you were run through an educational system where you were told your basic needs for laughter, joy, the ability to move your body and walk around, engage in stimulating social activity, have adequate time to eat lunch, posses the ability to go to the bathroom at will, have a certain level of privacy or trust by your superiors, or ask questions in order to truly understand the material were dismissed or you were punished for thinking you had a right to do so. In fact, we encounter these kinds of attitudes everyday. 

It’s like how researchers have questioned why mothers prefer to carry their babies on their left hip. The answer is because it stimulates right-brain activity which allows them to aptly understand the feelings and needs of their child. The right-brain is emotional instinct without need for confirmation. We didn’t need a study to tell mothers to carry their babies on the left side of their bodies — they just instinctively do it. The right brain is the vast collective unconscious that is available to each one of us and has no need for rote memorization. It is a way of remembering knowledge rather than learning it from a book or article. It is a way of feeling and recollecting what is true, rather than cross-examining it through the lens of tradition or book knowledge. 

Anything that is deemed too “woo”, “touchy feel-y”, “native” (and therefore mystical), “natural”, or “superstitious” immediately gets relegated as “untrustworthy”, “B.S.”, and “anti-science”. But intellectuals who worship science, much like a religion, forget that their intolerance of things deemed natural is preventing them from seeing the bigger picture in order to understand the true human experience. Left brain activity without right brain activity creates a dichotomy, not a whole. We need both.

Because Earth has largely been a left-brained planet (at least in the recent past and our present lifetime), those who think with a primary right-brained function are considered weird, eccentric, artistic, crazy, or fringe. Let me tell you this: much like white privilege or male privilege, it is also a privilege to be able to fit into a world where people are praised and respected for primarily using one hemisphere of their brain. Those who function primarily out of the left-brain do have certain unspoken and inherent rights that others do not and they are more apt to freely express themselves, be rewarded, and assume positions of clout (doctors, nurses, scientists, lawyers, politicians, engineers, and on and on). 

And so, a major problem empaths come across is the cognitive dissonance of being told we are living in a free-thinking society, yet experiencing a dismissal of right-brained activity. It is as if we have been subconsciously told there is no legitimacy in the way we feel, or in the momentum we feel behind our life experiences, and certainly not in the intuitive urges we get.

In order to access your full potential as an empath and get out of the sabotage entrapment that has told you you should tone it down, you were wrong, or you need to hide your true nature, you must come to terms with the reality of the majority consensus that is left-brain prevalence and validity. 

Please know, there is nothing wrong with being a left-brained thinker. In fact, it can be very useful. But as I said before, we need both the left and right hemispheres to be in use in ourselves and society in order to gain balance, wholeness, forward motion, progress, and peace. You are not wrong for primarily operating out of one or the other, but we can make a point to balance the two sides. If you already operate out of your right brain, work up the courage to stop glossing over it or hiding it. You already understand the left-brain system because you have lived it up until now. The world needs the right-brained thinkers to come out of the closet. Come to terms with your true nature and use it to help yourself, others, and the world.

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