Your core wounds hint at your hidden talents

Your core wounds and your natural abilities or aptitudes are not separate — they are one and the same. The ways the world has wounded you and left emotional or mental blockages or barriers does not signify you are somehow lacking, inadequate or incapable. In fact, it is the very opposite: your wounds are part of your life path, destiny, and purpose here. What if I told you you were only ever wounded in these ways in order to dim your gifts to make life easier for those around you? It is true. 

The majority of clients that come to me have thyroid diseases, which, as I’ve said before is one component of a fifth chakra imbalance. That is, having too little available energy for expression, or having too much chaotic energy imposed on that area of the body. Many people with thyroid disease doubt their perception, way of communicating, and creative inclinations. If left to their own devices, these people are truth seers, who need to start telling the truth about what they have witnessed or experienced, but have suppressed and hidden it for others’ benefit. 

We all know what happens when we speak a truth others don’t like: we get punished. Whether it be socially, within family dynamics, financially or within workplaces, or other relationships, the message is always the same: if you tell the truth and I don’t like it, I will find a way to hurt you. Is this really about you, or is it about the comfort level of other people? Why would others be scared of this part of you? Because they don’t want to have to face the truth. If allowed, your perceptions would bring about great societal change. And despite constant attempts at societal change by great leaders and laypeople alike, our human progress is consistently stymied by those in power. 

The same is true for other wounds, such as abandonment issues which are oh-so common and truly at the root of thyroid chakra problems (again, it’s the idea that authentic expression can lead to loss and isolation). If given the chance, those with fears around abandonment are often capable of bringing people together — not separating — because they understand how painful this wound is and want to prevent others from experiencing it. And in order for this to happen, others would have to lose their grip of control. So instead of allowing for inclusion, working together, and cooperation, you are constantly re-wounded into thinking you don’t deserve love, help, and community; that there is something intrinsically wrong with you that leads you into isolation. 

Everything we experience as wounding is in fact an inversion, or perversion, of the truth. If we allow ourselves to fully learn and act out our core wounds (and therefore, karma), we can see that any such inversion is in fact calling you back to your path and purpose here. It is not meant to detract from your abilities and ways you can help the world with your unique gifts, it is meant to bring you into alignment with what you were always good at, with what you were always meant to do. If it weren’t, others would not have such strong visceral reactions to it. They have only asked or forced you to suppress this aspect of yourself because actualizing it would bring about change that would force them out of positions of power, out of their comfort zones, and face to face with their own karma. 

Each time you become stressed or face a physical stress response, ask yourself what the overarching theme is (I do this for you in Energy Readings). Once you understand the overarching theme, you can deconstruct it to see how each challenge you are facing or have faced in life is pointing and directing you back to overcome this wound. In other words, most of your problems likely stem from it and there are ways to “flip the script” in order to stop allowing it to wound you, and to choose new healthy behavioral and mental or emotional patterns that no longer perpetuate the same cycles. When you consistently choose new patterns, instead of the old ones, you begin to strengthen yourself and self-actualize. You begin to develop your skills and talents, rather than be hurt by them. They become an asset instead of a liability. 

When it comes to your core wounds, remember they are an inversion, not a truth. They point you back to what you are so inherently good at that others preferred you not posses. Now is the time to begin developing them. In doing so, you will conjure up your karma, and that of those around you. It will not be easy to actualize these skills, but the alternative is hiding or ignoring them the rest of your life which will cause great physical and emotional pain. Taking the narrow road is not popular or easy but for your long-term health and well-being, it is so worth it. 

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