When trusting your intuition doesn’t result in a happy ending

The divine is mysterious. It’s tricky. It doesn’t care what you want or desire. It wants what it wants and come hell or high water, it will get it because it is what you — and the world — need. It will lead you down roads you never knew to travel, or wanted to. It will ask of you and if you accept, you will be lead towards your fate and destiny and natural genius. If you don’t, you will be led back into pain and suffering, problems, hassles, and karma.

Often it comes as the gut feeling that something is really good for you, or really bad for you. It’s the pang in your stomach, the shot of adrenaline, the anxiety or nervousness — or the love or elation. These are all signs you are being asked to follow a path you didn’t think you ever would. You are being asked to sacrifice external gain in order to get to the root of your karmic debt.

But sometimes you do listen, trust, and follow and it still doesn’t turn out “right”. There is a common misconception that trusting your higher power/higher self/intuition/holy spirit will result in some kind of magical happy ending. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t, at least not in the sense we expect. Instead, what comes about is lesson upon lesson, growth, change, redirection, shedding of the ego, and resolution of past karmic cycles that were still hurting you in the here and now.

I’ve received intuitive precognitions about situations in my life and ignored them before too: working a good job that made me good money and I was perfectly happy at, but getting the gut feeling I needed to quit within two weeks. I ignored it and was laid off ten days later for no reason with no job lined up. I later saw it was because I had a unique message I needed to get out and working for someone else wouldn’t allow me to do that. I’ve been asked to leave relationships but tried to make things copacetic before leaving and was tormented with physical and emotional abuse until I had no choice but to pack my bags at 2 am and flee. Now I follow the lead of spirit because I know no matter the outcome, it is for my greatest good. When the contract is done, it is done. Don’t try to fight it.

Learning and growth are no easy road and so, few choose it. Face problems head on based on trusting your higher power and those around you are likely to blame the consequences on you. Troublemaker, shit starter, drama queen. You didn’t get what you wanted? It’s your fault. It didn’t go according to plan? You were naive to begin with.

Let me tell you, this isn’t true. It is a brave soul who trusts the callings of their spirit rather than ego, even if the end result is nowhere near where they thought it would lead them. When life hands you a box of darkness despite you having done the right thing, think of all of the beauty in what you have done and learned and become. All is not lost. It is also a brave soul who can say thank you to the people who treated you like shit; thank you to the people who disappointed you; thank you to the people who couldn’t love. Their lack of love showed you what real love should be. The sleepless nights showed you how to take care of yourself. Their transplaced pain taught you to never accept someone else’s pain. Their ego denial caused you to go deeper into yours. Their lack of support showed you how to support yourself. Everything falling in at once showed you how capable you are in impossible situations.

Look at what a beautiful gift all of that pain was. You may have done the right thing and will never be rewarded in the 3D world but you have learned the meaning of life and you have been given a chance to get back on your life path which you had veered off of so far. What a beautiful gift for a beautiful soul. So shed some bittersweet tears of gratitude then say “Thank you, thank you, thank you. This too is a gift”