Which karma is revisiting you this eclipse cycle?

Eclipses are a time of great change. The two eclipses we’re square in the middle of (the partial solar eclipse that took place on January 5-6, 2019, and the lunar eclipse aka Blood Wolf Moon happening on January 20th) are forcing us to revisit karma, make major life changes, and finally learn the lessons. Keep in mind the energy can linger for a few days to a few weeks afterwards but eventually it will wrap up.

Did you expect to start your new year with a bang, only to have past problems resurface? You are not alone. Think of this time as a portal to the future, but first, you must relive the past — or find new constructive ways to deal with it once and for all. It is karma and it is begging for your attention.

Do not be surprised if during this window you receive unexpected emails, texts, and calls from people you once had beef with and tried to distance yourself from. Do not be surprised if these people purposefully attempt to trigger you into fights and drama. Do not be surprised if problems you thought you squashed come back around for another look. Do not be surprised if money, family, work, and other relationship problems suddenly pop up.

The best ways to deal with these situations:

If narcissistic people are preying on you and you cannot get away from them, stand up to them once and for all.

If you can avoid drama with these people, ghost them completely so you do not get pulled into their ego games.

Focus on you and pull all of your energy back into yourself.

Work your ass off to get shit done. Do not lose focus.

Build new relationships with healthy people.

Do not allow others to trigger you. Their passive aggression is about them and them only.

Realize your self-worth and cut the cord with anyone who treats you less than.

Be bold and direct in your communication. Put yourself first.

Recognize the present dynamics are almost always a result of past-life cycles that were never dealt with. People view and treat you a certain way for a reason, even if they do not believe in past lives. Let that shit die with the past.

Keep in mind that this energy will pass and the year will get better as you finally resolve these things.

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