The women with the fire in their bellies

We’re constantly undergoing spiritual battles and lessons in this plane. As it’s been said, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Every choice is a test and every decision takes us further towards or further away from our life’s path.

At present, the Divine Feminine has undergone ego death as a collective and has been upgraded into self-worth and self-love. The days of feeling less than, unworthy, looked over, and ignored are over. The feminine has stepped into her Queen or Empress energy and is unwilling to get off the throne. Good things come to her because she wills them so and because her energy does not put up with nonsense that pulls her back into lessons and ego games.

You will know you are a Divine Feminine if you have undergone some intense life lessons over the last few years that have shown you the reality of nature. The Divine Feminine (she deserves all caps, really) are the people on the planet who express the divine yin energy of God. Now, your god can be who, what, and how you define it. It does not need to be the man upstairs in the traditional sense; it could be energy, the Universe, the holy spirit, your intuition, the planets, the saints, the collective unconscious, etc. You pick. But this Divine Feminine… she is intuitive and always has been. She knows without knowing why. She feels and she listens to the cycles of the planets, moon, and stars. She has no goddamn choice. It is in her blood. She has shrunk, changed, and blended in in order to please others and it weakened her to a point of doormat status. She did not know she had another option until recently. She has been abused by the toxic masculine system and left for dead (literally or figuratively) many times over and she has blossomed from the naive youthful virgin archetype into the ever-loving caregiver of a mother then into the old badass crone who no longer gives two f*cks about what others think. Trying to be a porn star didn’t get her what she wanted. Trying to be a housewife didn’t get her what she wanted. Trying to be a good girl sure as hell did not get her what she wanted. So she flipped the script on all. “I am who I am, take it or leave it” her energy now tells you.

She will pave a road where others see only dead end signs and skeletons lacing the path. She will rub two pennies together to make a dollar. She will plan, prepare, and organize so she or her family are healthy and taken care of. She will speak the harsh truth when necessary even if it shocks others because what is right is right and people cannot keep living in the dark. She keeps shit running smoothly because she knows no one else will. She is sexy without trying and attracts attention without realizing. (Go back and read the example of the Proverbs 31 woman if you need further explanation). She can be a woman (most commonly), or she can be a man (for example, perhaps there is a more effeminate partner in a same sex or heterosexual relationship). Point blank, at this place in life, she is sick of getting f*cked over by the toxic masculine karmic system so she asserts her boundaries and fierceness. Her fierceness scares others so they mock her but secretly, they wish they had what she has. She has been rejected too many times to count and while she once cared, she now sees how foolish those were who refused her wisdom are. DFs, you know who you are.

The last few years have likely taught you this life lesson: playing along in the 3D world will get you nowhere. You have been backed into all kinds of unethical, unfair, f-ed up corners are you have had to assert your fire and fierceness like never before. People watched as you left a trail of heads behind you these last few years. They couldn’t believe it and either could you. You have never had to assert yourself in such a way. While other women played the good girl part, trying hard to fit into the toxic masculine system that does not approve of fiery women (“look, I can please you — I can be whatever you want me to be” energy), you changed the dynamics completely and uprooted the whole damn system.

This leads you to the present energy which is reconciling your fire nature with your divine nature. How can you be both things at once, you wonder. Isn’t divinity about meekness, projecting love and light, and being easy going? The short answer is no. No way, no way in hell, never ever ever. Love is an action and a feeling. It is feeling and honoring love for all others because they are souls, but it is also not putting up with BS, drama, ego games, and other tomfoolery. You can love the person without loving or accepting their behavior. Love is putting your foot down and asserting boundaries in the presence of toxic and narcissistic personalities because the world needs you fighting for it, not playing a complicit role. Hear me when I say this in love: empaths have been complicit because we have been controlled by those with more potent, negative energy. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” We can no longer be silent or complicit. The only reason we would do so is to fit into the 3D world where we do not belong anyway: “I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other! So because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of My mouth!”

These words go out to the divine women ascending on the spiritual path who are being faced with tough decisions. It is okay — necessary indeed — to access that part of yourself that is fierce, unyielding in the presence of evil, and fiery. You can ascend and be your own protector. The old storyline of prince charming or the fairy godmother coming to rescue you from evil is done. You can do that shit for yourself.

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