The wounding of the seers and thinners of the veil

As an Intuitive, I work with core wounds. Your energy and behavior tells me everything I need to know: what has you broken? I know it instinctively based on who you are and how you present yourself. Tell me about your life and problems and we’ll get confirmation of this. Once you know what has you wounded, you can stop living the wound and start living your true life purpose.

We all have core wounds — and most of us have multiple. These wounds are deep and go back in time and history, whether from this lifetime or others, and typically tie into chakra centers. For example, a blocked or even over-active sacral chakra can indicate a deep seated fear that was never resolved. This causes people to operate in the world in a fearful way because you never had security as a child (or since a particularly traumatic event) and had no one to protect you so you learned to protect yourself in various ways: going within (isolation and not being able to form healthy attachments in relationships), or ignoring your soul and going without in order to become codependent (seeking validation — sexually or otherwise — from anyone and everyone; ie: not being discriminating). And on it goes for each chakra.

But there runs an even deeper wound than the chakra wounding I have explained above. This, instead, is a collective wound that all empaths, highly sensitive people, and lightworkers share. It is a wound that, when hidden, keeps up the 3D status quo and keeps everyone comfortable in their ego boxes. Unfortunately, hiding this also keeps you sick and stressed and unable to self-actualize or make the world a better place. But when exposed, it causes a ruckus, uproots the system, and makes things oh-so messy and uncomfortable. But trust me, this is good. It is the wound of the seers and thinners of the veil.

The veil is the line between the spirit and physical world. It is the ability of an empath to see the truth, now and always, through the facades, projections, distractions, social norms, and illusions. It is seeing someone smile and say yes when you know in your heart they mean no. It is seeing a happy family in public who you know hate each other behind closed doors. It is being awake out of the amnesia when most others around you are still forgetful. It is intuitively understanding a higher truth despite everyone trying to talk you out of it. It is knowing your soul is much older than your physical body. It is the desire for change but the pull of the 3-dimensional world to play along.

Empathic people are not only seers of this veil, they are also thinners. It is that constant tug of war from within that you should do something to make this situation better, to speak the truth, to cultivate change, to break dysfunctions and toxicity — and the desire for inaction in order to please others.

This wound gets played out on a personal and collective level and you will even begin to see it in cinema, television, and works of art once you identify it. There has always been a seer and thinner of the veil working within families and groups in order to make forward social progress. “We cannot deny this problem any longer!” they say. These people were willing to sacrifice their own personal gain for the betterment of society at large.

Unfortunately, most often though, the seers and thinners play along to prevent being targeted. Specifically, abuse keeps us toggling between the 3D and 5D. Abusers force their victims to maintain the perpetrator’s version of reality and the victim plays along, knowingly or unwittingly to avoid being punished. I played along with my perpetrator’s version of reality for three decades because I had always been told I was wrong. So I assumed they must be right. I drove my body into the red to maintain appearances and keep my abusers comfortable. I drove myself into thyroid and kidney disease to keep their stories afloat. Only through using my intuitive abilities with clients did I come to find I had been right about the nature of reality all along — my clients praise and success was enough to prove this to me. Once I stopped appeasing my perpetrators, I was severely punished. Perhaps you are scared of this — it is why you deny that you feel the veil to begin with.

The veil is thinning whether we are active participants or not. The true nature of reality is being exposed. We thought it was busy childhood, school, college, good job, marriage, climb the ladder, kids, try to be a good person, grow old together. This may be an aspect of many people’s reality but it in and of itself is not why we are here. The mission and purpose of life as we now know is to help humanity ascend to a higher plane of consciousness and higher vibrations of love, to undo karma, to learn the lessons, to stop the enslavement to money, time, and distractions. Plain and simple. Whichever way you choose to do that is up to you.

The veil will thin with or without us. But the remnants of wounding in our souls and bodies will only subside if we choose to accept the mission. I know which I have chosen. I hope you do the same.

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