How to switch from 3D to 5D timelines

Part of a true spiritual awakening process involves giving up expectations, assumptions, and demands. It involves a great big dose of surrender and pursuing that which your higher self or higher power desires from you. It is forgoing the societal programming and stepping out on faith into uncharted waters because you see that what you want for yourself and what the divine wants are two completely different things. It is the whisper of your soul that says, “do this” while your mind and physical body say “no no no — no way, never, not in a million years.” It’s what every great prophet and famous scriptural figure has had to do — trust the divine when everyone else called them a lunatic. Only years, sometimes generations later, were they venerated because they trusted the divine when all others didn’t even see a path. “How did they know?” we now ask.

This new way of being will cause you to reject everything you have accepted as truth, everything you have pursued but has led you nowhere real. It is dying to the old self and making space for a new, altogether foreign version of yourself that is actually healthy. Ego death or ascension, which we are in the midst of as a collective at this point in time, requires you to follow the undercurrent of your soul, rather than the big waves lapping on the shores; ie: that which is not visible to the naked eye but calls to you in your daydreams, in your sleep, in your heart, in synchronicities, omens, divine inspirations, prayers, and messages that are otherwordly. You see, the ego wants what it wants and it wants it now. It craves instant gratification, social acceptance, and a straight path. The ego doesn’t like puzzles, cryptic direction, and sacrifice. It wants stability and success, not humbling or blind acceptance. But the ego is dying and without it, we have to find a new compass altogether. The old navigation system no longer works.

I like to describe the 3-dimensional world versus the 5-dimensional like this: imagine you are the shore of an ocean. You can see big waves crashing into the sand. You know when things are calm and when things are turbulent based on what you observe. You may wait for the waves to die down until you jump in, but any wise swimmer or surfer knows just because the waters appear gentle, there is always an undercurrent able to pull them under, guide and direct them at any moment. It is not enough to watch the big waves on the shore, you must also be weary of the undercurrent that is not visible to the naked eye. So too is the 3D versus 5D: the 3D can be seen and touched; the 5D requires a trained sense of feeling and knowing — and a respect for that which is unseen.

Once you begin to feel the pull of the 5D undercurrent, you cannot go back. You can avoid it for quite some time, you can try to dodge it, and you can get angry it exists in the first place — an ever-present entity you must watch out for. But as you go on in your ascension process, you begin to trust this 5D undercurrent much more than the 3D crashing waves. You know which one is ultimately in control. And you begin to surrender to the fact that you will never be able to control it, no matter how much dodging or planning you do. You begin to respect and honor it instead of hating it.

This process requires a divine surrender that is foreign to most of us. We like straight lines, straight paths, point A to point B action. The divine, on the other hand is a series of scribbles and zig-zags in a labyrinth you didn’t know you were stuck in. There is no end point, there is only a center in which you eventually trek to after much back and forth. In order to navigate this new world, you must think about progress and time much differently.

The masculine system has us trained into “if this, then that” thinking. It is the same straight line we have come to expect. “If this person really loves me, then they will do this”; “If I am really meant to do that, then this will occur.” It’s all assumption and expectation. The key to accepting the 5D is to transition to a new timeline which does not says, “if this then that”, but “what is it that you want from me?” and “how does this all connect?”.

It means forgoing all expectations of how things should play out, how things should come to fruition, how your efforts should be rewarded, how you must understand things before you can take action, how you must have a backup plan before you will be successful. It is also releasing any calendar system that says, “the holidays are coming, then I’ll finally be happy”, “it’s the new year so I should start something new and force some kind of change”, “it’s been this long so I need see some kind of return on my investment.” Transitioning into a 5D timeline means giving up all linear expectations and training yourself to accept what comes without judgment of when or how long. The collective energy will direct you in the path you are meant to wander anyway. There is no need to force it or see rewards.

If you are energetically sensitive, you can do a 3D timeline release for yourself to clear your energy. Think back to all of your expectations about how things should have gone, when you wanted things accomplished by, and how disappointed you have been when you haven’t gotten what you wanted. Try to locate where tension from these expectations are in your body. Where are you tense from it? Then consciously release those areas — stop straining, tensing, holding them in. Release. You should feel a big release of tension (likely in your torso) as you accept the 5D timeline instead of clinging to the outdated 3D. Then go into every day with the 5D programming instead of the 3D. You will be much less stressed and anxious.

As the world changes, you will need these kinds of tools in your back pocket. Reflect over your expectations, how they have not been met, why you wanted those things in the first place, and then surrender to the mysterious, delayed timing of the divine. Remember: the energy will guide you regardless. It is up to us to stop resisting it.

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