How to heal core wounds

As an Intuitive, I work largely with core wounds. These are your deepest fears, aches, and triggers that you have carried lifetime after lifetime, or that have been created in this lifetime — and they’re holding you back from true health, wellness, and a happy life. We all have core wounds, until that is, they’re acknowledged and healed. The good news is that we all have the ability to heal these wounds and once we do, we experience a new kind of life — one that we want and choose, rather than one that torments us or happens to us.

With clients, I make a point to identify what their core wounds are (based on their energy and the intimate stories they share with me) and find ways to finally resolve them. Each person will need a unique approach to resolving their core wounds because of their varied life experiences, personality, and history. When I work with a client one-on-one, I find the unique approach that works best for them. But I want to share some general ideas so you can implement these things in your life, in order to resolve your own wounds and triggers.

How to heal core wounds:

Imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. I’m not speaking so much about empathy for others here, but empathy for yourself. Take one of your triggers — one thing that makes you feel bad about yourself; a quality, trait, or experience that you posses that has left you feeling unworthy, inadequate, or ashamed. Then think of someone you really admire and look up to. Transpose this “negative” quality you think you posses onto this person you really admire. If you saw this person with the same quality, would you still respect and like them? Would you see this “terrible” thing as beautiful or worthy if they embodied it? Chances are, the answer is yes. Chances are, one “negative” quality wouldn’t change how you feel about them, or make you stop liking them. You would see yes, they are human and imperfect, but still wonderful. Now take that energy and reinject it back into yourself. You will see that a few not-so-positive qualities do not make you terrible, they make you beautiful and human and your positive qualities outweigh the negative. We are all a work in progress.

Think, think, think. Okay, over-thinking isn’t such a great idea because it causes additional stress and turmoil. But here I mean, consider the situation or wound from as many diverse perspectives as you can. If you feel guilty/angry/resentful/ashamed about something, consider if you had any others options in the situation you were in and why you made the choices you did. Did you genuinely do the best you could? Did you genuinely act from your intuition? Did you genuinely try to express good energy in the situation? Instead of fixating on what went wrong, how wounded you are, or what you should have done, think about how many corners you were backed into and how you tried your best in a hard situation. Once you accept that you made the best choice in a difficult place, you can release the coulds, woulds, and shoulds. If you feel you did not do the best you could, accept the past mistakes and make a point to do better in the future. Live in that intention — it is the best self-forgiveness.

Locate the tension in your body and consciously release it. Every spiritual or emotional wound manifests in our physical body. This means you will tighten, tense, and clench certain areas of your body to compensate for the stress. Specifically, the tension is usually on chakra centers but it could be anywhere on your body — such as your knees, hands, wrists, ankles, etc. Tune into where in your body you feel tension. Then ask yourself why that area is tense. Your higher self or higher power will give you the answers you seek, though it may take time to get an answer. For example, ask, “why is my throat always sore?”. An answer may be, “you hold back your thoughts”, or “you never tell the truth because you think others will not like it”, etc. Then make a conscious effort to change the behavioral pattern.

Release what others have done to you. We all feel like victims at one time or another. Once you own up to your karma and actively work to change it, you will feel like everyone you know is not on your side. You may feel like others are going out of their way to hurt or harm you. This is a normal part of the karma undoing process. You must confront it, but also you must release their wrongdoings in order to stop re-living the wound going forward. Accept that things went wrong, people did not have your back, abandoned you, betrayed you, etc. This was the only way for you to resolve your karma — to confront the truth head on. Unfortunately, they were not able to resolve the karma with you. This is normal. Forgive them for not being able to change the cycle. Not everyone is on the path with you, and because of this, you were able to learn the life lessons once and for all because you had no one to rely on but yourself. “Thank you for the pain” is a hard place to come to, but it is possible and aides you in overcoming the unfair pain they inflicted.

Exercise the principle of the opposite. Wounds make us hide, heal, avoid, deflect, project, and protect. We do things that aren’t healthy for us because we’re subconsciously working so damn hard to avoid feeling triggered by the wound. Recognize when you are doing this and begin doing the opposite thing in each difficult situation you are presented with. If you would normally gloss over your feelings, confront them finally. If you would normally keep quiet, start to speak. If you would normally think less of yourself and higher of others, begin to see your worth. Once you start using this principle daily, you will develop new healthy habits and confront your wounds so they no longer bother or control you.

See yourself from someone else’s perspective. Think of someone who really loves you and looks up to you. How do they see you? Do they see you as a wounded, awful person, or do they see you as respectable, loving, and genuine? You likely don’t see yourself this way, but others do. Accept you are imperfect but still worthy of love. There are people who will love you no matter your imperfections — and you can begin to love yourself in this way too.

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