How to become a multi-dimensional being

We’ve entered the Age of Aquarius. It’s been written about, sung about, and foretold. It’s an era of taking off the masks, righting the wrongs, and pursuing revolution. It’s weird, eccentric, and raw. It is honest and requires a connectivity — within ourselves, the world, and experiences — like no other. It is getting to the heart of the matter and no longer pretending or glossing over. It is a time of innovation, for natural genius to rise, and a great big karmic reckoning. I hope you’re as excited about it as I am.

In this age, the old systems we have been indoctrinated into, the falsehoods and standardization will — and are — coming crashing down. It is a chance to access your true soul nature, rather than play the part others have written you into. You are a divine being having a physical experience and while we have long been talked out of this truth, it is rising. You are being asked to follow your soul’s longings rather than what societal demands have expected from you thus far. The role you have been playing is but a crumb compared to who you really are.

This time will allow and in fact, demand of you, to become your true self rather than “just the mom”, “just the employee”, “just the realtor”, “just the child”, just the… whatever. You are not your role and while we once identified as the person with the job, the family, the income level, the education level, the activities, the religion, the age, the community — you are so much more.

Becoming a multi-dimensional being means you accept all that you are, all that you have been, and all you are capable of becoming. It means you stop identifying with the 3D external factors and start seeing yourself as a soul who always was and always will be. It means integrating all of the experiences your soul has had and no longer defining yourself by the bad things or good things but by seeing everything was but a lesson that aided in your soul’s growth. Accepting that you are multi-dimensional also means you recognize all of your skills and talents and put them to use, rather than focusing on one or another. You are all of it. And if you want to be able to cope in the age of the eccentric, soulful revolutionary, you must finally accept and integrate your soul.

How to become a multi-dimensional being:

Allow 3D and 5D timelines to collide. As I have written about before, we are being asked to stop clinging to the 3D timelines that tell us we have to accomplish certain things before a certain age, before the next bill is due, before the holidays come, and by the time our ego or others demand. The divine is in control and we can no longer expect anything to happen by a certain time frame. Allowing the 3D and 5D timelines to collide means that you will no longer be surprised when past life lessons, wounds, people, or situations enter your present moment. This can come in the form of intuitive messages, dreams, gut reactions, feelings of deja vu, synchronicities, and meetings with certain strangers or people we already know. Yes, you have been here before, done this before, and you have known them before. Don’t be startled. Do not question, “is what I am feeling or seeing real? Can I trust myself?” The divine is trying it’s damnedest to assist you. Let it.

Remember who you were in past lives. Who you are today — your health, your habits, your likes and dislikes, your talents, and your wounds are all a reflection of past cycles that were never acknowledged. You don’t consciously know you have been here before but your soul does. First, you must identify the karma. Then you must resolve the karma in the situations you are in so you can finally move forward into your true life’s purpose rather than being dragged down by karma, stress, problems, and indebtedness. You are all of it.

Stop identifying with your physical body. You are a soul who has a body, not the other way around. Your weight, how you look naked, the wrinkles and fine lines — they mean nothing when it comes to the strength and beauty of your soul. Stop judging and punishing your body. Stop expecting it to be something other than what it is. Yes, pursuing good health is worth it and virtuous. But the shame, fear, and anxiety that attachment to our physical form produces is not worth it. Society may be disappointed when you don’t look a certain way but the divine does not give two shits if you look like the model or actress. You were made to be unique and your life experiences have created the person you see in front of you. See the strength of your soul before judging if your physical form fits someone else’s mold.

Access your gifts and pursue them. Your talents are not a mistake. We have been told to accept one or two of our talents and pursue them. We are standardized, sent to school to pick a specialty, told to pick the one route and show only that one gift to the world. You have many skills you can put to use — not just one or two. Accept them all, pursue them all, and finally share them with the world — even if they are weird, different, can’t make you money, and something others do not like. Combine them and create new systems, structures, and revenue. Stop putting your soul in a box of “either, or”.

Do not hide your inner wisdom for other people’s benefit. Age is but a number and it can do serious harm when you identify with it. Your soul’s wisdom is infinite and timeless. You are not your physical age and you carry wisdom from many lifetimes on Earth. Young and old alike are wise and well-seasoned in the art of living. If you are young, speak the truth even if people call you inexperienced or silly. If you are older, speak the truth even if younger people don’t want to listen.

Open your chakras. This gets said a lot. It sounds cliche at this point. But I assure you, the chakras are real. As an energetically sensitive person, I read this on myself and others all day long. Where is the energy in your physical body and soul blocked? Where are you wounded? Do energy clearings and exercise the principle of the opposite in order to open your chakras once and for all.

Shine. Shine so fucking bright the haters will need shades. Your light has terrified you thus far because of what other people will think. You hid it, dimmed, and became a lessened version of yourself so they wouldn’t be intimidated. So you wouldn’t be called names. So you would be liked. Stop this shit right here and now. You are a product of the divine and hiding this light will only keep you stressed and sick. Hiding this light will not bring about personal or societal change. Let them talk. Let them wonder what it is about you. Let them invest in some high-quality sunglasses. Get rid of the energy vampires, they’re only holding you back. The time is now.

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