Low vibe shit: the primary purpose of gossip

Years ago I had a “frenemy” (she’s now been cut off) who started gossiping about a mutual acquaintance as I pushed my daughter on the swing at a park and watched her children play in the distance. I heard all sorts of terrible things about this third party — she cheated with a married men with four children in a church community and everyone knew about it. I listened and nodded, not sure what to do with this information. My frenemy went on further to explain why she was telling me this info and why it was healthy: “gossip serves a function, you know. It’s a protective measure in society,” she said.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this friend’s evolutionary assessment of gossip but I sat with it for years. It left me with questions. Was she right? Could gossip act as a warning system of sorts to prevent future problems? Or are we really just overgrown monkeys who pick on the weakest link without asking them outright what the truth is? Why do we think things are so cut and dry? After the gossip has already spread down its many streams and tributaries of circles of friends and family, would we believe the truth if we were confronted with it anyway? It wasn’t until I watched her enjoy participating in much more gossip over the years that ruined people’s lives that I saw how wrong she was. She had thought her argument over well and she had created a moralistic cause for her bad habit, a way to defend the slander, just in case someone called her out on it or didn’t like it. For her, it was right and ethical to assume the worst without asking for the other side of the story.

Let me tell you this: as an empath, you can tell who the low-vibers are by how they speak about other people. There will likely be a good deal of hiding and secrecy surrounding their behind-the-scenes word-of-mouth — and that’s because subconsciously, they know it isn’t healthy. Subconsciously, they know they should be ashamed. But because nasty gossip gives narcissists a feel good peptide high physically, it bonds them and cements ties, so they keep doing it — to get closer to each other, for power and control, and to control the whole group dynamic.

From a 5D perspective, gossip serves many purposes. As I said above, it allows for control. This means it creates a groupthink that would cause a great deal of cognitive dissonance for anyone seeking the truth to have to face. Only brave souls face cognitive dissonance once it’s already been accepted as fact. If you are one of those brave souls, you also know that you risk your own proverbial crucifixion if you side with someone the group has already deemed “untouchable”. It creates a dynamic in which people are confused what the truth is, don’t want to seek it out, don’t want to forgive or give people the benefit of the doubt, seek further answers, and it infects everything in its vicinity with low vibrational muck.

When an entire group of people is stuck in a low vibrational energy, it becomes damn near impossible for them to accomplish anything for the greater good, for the divine, and to ascend into higher spiritual realities. It becomes chains binding everyone into a false reality that benefits no one but the narcissists. Bottom line: gossip is low vibe and not healthy.

Please know, there is a difference between being a whistle-blower because shit is downright unethical and telling people directly about how this is affecting you or others, versus spreading information without addressing people themselves or asking what the other side of the story is. (Because there is always another side to the story, even if parts of the juicy gossip are true). There is a difference in righteous communication and shedding light on evil (hello, #metoo) versus getting high on lies in dark corners and back alleys with other addicts where nothing constructive can come from it.

Personally, I would avoid these kinds of people or call that shit out on the spot. I have learned that catering to these people’s devious preferences only causes pain in the long run, and prevents anything metaphysical from manifesting. Love cannot exist in the presence of intense, infectious hatred. Progress can not exist in the presence of incessant entropy. Understanding and empathy cannot exist in the presence of half-truths. As always, the choice is yours based on the situation.

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