Current collective energy: was it really worth it?

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As always, I speak to the empath collective here. We have a new moon in Pisces coming up on the 6th, and Mercury, the planet of communication and all things technological is going retrograde on March 5th through March 28th. So the next few days will likely be a doozy for the empaths out there: old wounds resurfacing, questioning our direction (feeling directionless), and receiving heightened senses of feeling and perception. AKA: you’ll be emotional over the past, and your life will feel like it’s at a standstill which will make you anxious about the present/future, feel like you’re living in an eternal purgatory, while you have communication problems (or problems with legal contracts) or your car/computer/phone/etc. could break down. Fun times!

With every energy and co-mingling of energies, there is a lesson to be learned, a wound to heal, an idea to revisit, a clearing to be done. After the intense energies of the last two plus years, you are probably thinking you would like a break. You are probably thinking this isn’t fair. You are probably regretting it all. Was it really worth it?

Any 5D, spirit(ual), and ascension work you have done over the last two years in particular has brought you to your knees. As an empath, you were given orders much like a second lieutenant, and you had the choice: do I obey or do I ignore? Do I jump into a whole new life, or do I stay put where am I? Will I pursue the adventures of the divine, or will I ignore them to stay comfortable? Which did you choose?

Whatever you chose will be revisiting you this week (or next few weeks) as a time of reflection. I wouldn’t call this one a “lesson review” so much, but a questioning and second guessing of the self and your true path here on Earth. “Why the fuck am I here and why haven’t things worked out?” you will ask. In other words, whether you began the process of shedding the old self and dying to the ego (and therefore taking your commanding orders), or you gave a big f-you middle finger to the Universe to pursue “fun”, money, “likability”, and all forms of distractions, you’ll be wondering if it was worth it. You’ll be wondering how life could have been if you hadn’t done that; how life should be for you now, and what you are currently lacking as a result.

No matter how you slice it, few empaths are feeling completely joyous and satisfied with their place in life at present. Because the 5D energy has emerged so strongly and old 3D timelines are being dissolved, we are truly entering a brave new world. Uncharted territory with no map, but directions here and there as needed. Left, right, left, right, two steps forward, one step backward. It’s a world that feels surreal at times; a world that feels magical. But a world that also draws us back into bills, red lights, signing of documents, and getting places on time — or you risk punishment. You have a foot in both worlds and wish it could just be one or the other for once. It is a constant battle for balance. It is like you regret having chosen one over the other.

Those who took their intuitive orders and trusted the callings of the divine (aka: first waves) feel like they no longer hold any privileges of the 3D world. Most people aren’t aware there are any privileges, but shedding the ego shows you otherwise. You leave abuse, karmic partners, situations that are generally just really fucking bad for your soul, and the pursuit of a “good” life in which money, friends, and nice things take precedence; you call out evil when you see it, and you don’t take shit from anyone — it’s lonely, leaves people broke, exhausts you, and forces you to trust that which you cannot see. You’re put at disadvantage after disadvantage because you can no longer be standardized or go along. You’re no longer part of the club. The 3D world is like being in a fraternity — you learn the handshake, keep it’s secrets, and have all the potential favors you could ever need to call in. Was leaving really worth it, you wonder, because from the outside, things do not appear much better off than before.

Those who remained in their egos, despite the many ways the divine called to them (dreams, intuition, synchronicities, etc) wonder how their lives could have been different if they had just done it the first time. These people are called “second waves” because they didn’t jump on the bandwagon the first go round. They are catching up, though, because the divine had to force its hand. The regret lies in the fact that they couldn’t see how following those orders would get them a life they wanted, so they refused to accept them. What they have now realized is that the callings of the divine have little to do with a cushy life and everything to do with a whole new world. A world in which peace, love, and harmony are cornerstones, no matter what you have and what others can see. It is about how people feel and it’s about no longer ignoring your own soul.

So, no matter which group you fall into, be prepared to ask yourself, dwell in it, and be burdened with feelings of regret: was it really worth it?


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