Empath subcategory type 1: Indigos

Indigos are a specific class of empaths. While “empath” is the general term for people who are highly sensitive, pick up on the energy and feelings of others, Indigos are like empaths on steroids. They are very mission- and goal-oriented and expect nothing but the best. They see through every facade, and hate them all. They are warriors at their core and to an Indigo, the average empath may come off as weak. Indigos know they are here to fight for the truth, to fight the good fight, to change this place once and for all. It is not enough to feel, they also have to do. Please know, one is not better than the other, but you can think of Indigos like a royal bloodline — they think, no know, they are special and have a reason for being here. They don’t think they are better than anyone else, but they feel they are worthy in their own right because of who they are. And they want change.

It’s hard to determine if you are in fact an Indigo, but there are many factors that can lead you to believe this. First, your aura color will tell you if you are an Indigo and which hue. The Indigo spectrum ranges from blues to maroon to violet. You can visit a real intuitive or healer to determine your aura color. Additionally, you may feel drawn to the color purple — crave it in fact (much like the way an anemic craves iron), be mesmerized by higher spiritual information, and feel you are on a quest towards enlightenment. Generic and basic living bores the hell out of an Indigo and so you are always seeking and questioning. You will not accept anything at face value and until it feels true in your soul, you will not believe it.

It is said that many Indigos have had past lives as Native Americans and so, past life recall may also help you determine if you are in fact Indigo. This could also explain the warrior spirit. Touchy-feely happy spirituality doesn’t interest an Indigo because they know they are participating in a war between good and evil; feeling good does nothing for an Indigo; creating good is what drives them. Many mystics believe the first great wave of Indigos were born in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s but to be honest, your birth year doesn’t matter so much here. Indigos have been with us for all time, but have recently incarnated in larger groups to help earth ascend.

You can also do a self-assessment to see if the below traits have always described your personality. I will say, there are thousands upon thousands of videos and articles on the internet about Indigos. Many people think they are when they are not. Indigos make up only a small percentage of the empath community. You only know another Indigo when you feel it on them. It is like you have found a long lost friend in a stranger. They have pure hearts but they also don’t put up with bullshit. It may take them decades to get to the place where they begin acting out their true nature but they eventually will — if they don’t, they will become very sick and disconnected.

How to tell if you are in Indigo:

You know you have a specific purpose
You may not know what this purpose is but you know you have one. You feel odd or different at times, knowing something inside of you is different compared to others. You may go out of your way to hide this feeling which can leave you sick and stressed. You feel some higher calling is part of your plan here. Part of the ego unraveling process will lead you to your ultimate purpose. Until you do so, you will feel like a wanderer in a strange place. After you shed your ego, you will make peace with your oddness. Others may take this internal confidence as cockiness or narcissism. They won’t understand why you are so different and accept this.

You have very high expectations and standards
You expect nothing but the very best out of yourself and others. While you hold others to a high standard in relationships, you also demand this of yourself. You can become perfectionist and disillusioned if you are not careful, and you will want to develop a sense of grace and forgiveness for those who are not as spiritually inclined as you. Expecting ethical interactions is not a negative but realistically, no one but you can live up to these standards. You should also work hard to not be your own worst enemy or only find fault with yourself when you cannot be perfect.

You are highly intuitive and perceptive
Indigo people see the world differently. You have an innate sixth sense that has called to you your entire life. You can read people’s energy (though perhaps you have never been aware of it), understand other’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions, and are at risk of internalizing all of it. You may posses a range of psychic abilities. Because of these things, you have an inherent self assurance, and you may not understand why others cannot develop these abilities in order to see the truth. It may also rub people the wrong way that you can see through them.

You have problems with authority
You don’t hate authority for no reason — you hate authority that serves no good purpose, or despise it when those in authority do not act in ethical ways. You have likely questioned authority your entire life, including laws, the way society has built-in checks and balances, why bosses and teachers treat subordinates in a certain way, and more. You know your soul is old and you know you posses an internal wisdom that deserves to be respected, no matter your age, income level, education level, sex, and more. This is completely contradictory to the 3D system.

You are creative
You could be a writer, artist, musician, etc. You find unconventional ways to express your subconscious mind and emotions because you have not felt safe expressing these things outright. Because you see the world in a different way, you naturally want to communicate these things to others through artistic mediums so they can grow. Even if you have never pursued the arts, you may feel like you would one day like to.

You want to be a change-maker
You easily see the failings of society and how things can be improved. Solutions abound for an Indigo, while others see only dead ends. You can’t believe so many societal, environmental, and health problems have not yet been eradicated when there are numerous genius solutions to these issues. Eventually in life, Indigos will come to a point where they can no longer sit by and wait for someone else to remedy the problems. You will begin to take a stand and take charge.

You feel out of place
To an Indigo, it feels like Earth is not your real home. It feels odd at times to live in a place so full of hatred, evil, and pain. When you see others having a great time here, you can’t wrap your head around it and feel you are the only one who truly feels how you do. You may have loner or rebel tendencies.

You have a strong work ethic
You feel very driven in life and let nothing stop you. You may have temporary setbacks but you always pick yourself up and keep going. You may have laser vision and really hone your talents and focus on your goals. Sometimes, Indigos can be prone to laziness because of the demands of the external world and how they pick up on others’ energy, but you will also feel guilty for taking a break so you get back on your mission. Once you understand your life path, you will begin to understand why you are so driven and will not give up.

You are prone to existential crises
Your soul is naturally restless and lives for change. You like changes of scenery, and new activities. Because of this, you can become easily frustrated with the same old day-in, day-out shit. Many Indigos are prone to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts because reality is often so harsh and contradictory to what they need from the world. Working the same job for 30 years will not appeal to you. Trying to fit in with others and society may be an adaptation strategy you implemented in the past, but you know it doesn’t truly make you happy. All of this leads you often to question the nature of reality, why we are all here, what you should be doing with your life, and can lead you to frustrations with your current situation.

Indigos need special treatment because of their highly intuitive and driven nature. Unfortunately, they may spend their entire lifetime seeking someone who understands and not find it. But once you understand these things for yourself, you can form adaptation strategies that help you survive the 3D world while pursuing the 5D. Keep on your purpose and you will be able to abate the existential crises.

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