Empath subcategory type 2: Rainbows

If you read my last post Empath subcategory type 1: Indigos, you know that there is a small percentage of the empathic/highly sensitive people in the population that are warriors at heart, see through facades, and are here to break down old toxic systems. These people have a driven mind-set and are irritated by basic ways of doing things that do not lead to positive progress. “Empaths on steroids” as I lovingly referred to them.

In contrast to those kinds of empaths are another kind, Rainbows, which are much more calm, even-tempered, and naive. If Indigos are empaths on steroids, Rainbows are empaths on Xanax. Rainbow people comprise a larger percentage of the empath community and are the stereotypical peace-loving flower child. They often look like hippies, free spirits who wear the long, flowing and brightly colored clothes, pick daisies for enjoyment, and care deeply about the earth’s ecology. They may be tree huggers, environmental activists, and care about the welfare of animals. While Indigos become angry and frustrated at the plight of the world and the complacency of others, Rainbows can become emotional and sad about the state of things, wishing all beings were cared for and loved as they love. They are more likely to join in a cause, rather than start one themselves.

Rainbows are classified by a distinctive multi-colored aura that often resembles a rainbow — neon or pastel whites, blues, yellows, and pinks comprising the majority of their soul’s colors. They do not resonate with one color or the other — they are a mixture of all, hence their name. Because of their high-vibrational aura color, they can also be high energy, hyperactive, and always ready to move on to the next bit of fun. Life is always an adventure for a Rainbow and they want to experience as much as they can in their short existence here. They likely do not carry quite as much karmic residue as an Indigo and so they are able to be much more free-spirited and open to the world.

A Rainbow is easy to spot because their energy is so naive, loving, and kind that you will be blown away by their easy going nature. Rainbows are the kind of people who gravitate towards lovey-dovey spirituality and may overlook the bad energy of another because it is simply not on their radar. They love regardless of how they are loved, and they give regardless of how they are given to. A Rainbow child is the one who knows no strangers, waves hello and smiles at everyone in the grocery store, attracts the love of others wherever they go, and runs over to a friend in need to give a hug. In other words, they see the good in everyone and everything and just want the world to find peace. The love they exude is contagious and people are naturally drawn to them.

A major hangup for Rainbows is that, because they are so trusting, they will need to develop their third eye or intuition to be able to discern who is truly a healthy part of their life and who is not. While they want to believe everyone is good like them, the truth is this is not always the case. Their naivete is beautiful but can also become an issue if they never learn how to discern people’s true intentions. Additionally, they will need to find ways to channel their energy into productive matters rather than looking for the next fun activity.

How to tell if you are a Rainbow:

Love is your natural state. You have never considered withholding love or affection from the people in your life and give it freely. It doesn’t bother you if others are not able to reciprocate because it just feels so good to give.

You care deeply about environmental or animal welfare issues. The planet and the animals on it are one of your biggest priorities. You want to save the beings who can’t stand up for themselves. You may participate in non-profits and organizations that promote animal rights and environmental preservation.

You routinely get called a hippie. People assume you are a tree hugger or flower child archetype based on how you dress, speak, and your interests. You enjoy others seeing you this way.

You feel that nature is a second home to you. You love sitting in the grass, watching flowers sway in the breeze, and getting your hands and feet dirty in the ground beneath you.

You are drawn to spirituality that is feel-good in nature. You love reading books, listening to podcasts, and finding blogs that promote a “do no harm” approach to life. Your number one priority is sharing your infectious good energy with others.

You hate conflict. Because Rainbows are so naive and loving, they expect everyone shares this view. It surprises you when other people cannot meet you on that level, but it rarely upsets you — you just go about the business of being high-vibe. You simply don’t know how to participate in conflict.

You may feel restless. As I said, because of their high vibrational energy, Rainbows are always on the move. True social butterflies, they flit about from one thing to the next, always looking for the fun in life. They can become very restless when asked to sit still, focus, and get serious.

You can be prone to sadness. While 99% of your time is made up of love and happiness, you do sometimes get down when there are conflicts you can’t avoid. You just want everyone to get along and when this isn’t possible, you turn to internal sadness.

You have a hard time standing up for yourself. Because you assume everyone has good intentions, you likely have never developed self-survival skills. You simply don’t think they are necessary if you give enough love. Rainbows will eventually need to learn how to say no, how to put themselves first, and how to discern what is healthy and what is not.

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