How to tell if you are spiritually ascending

Spiritual ascension is a process where you wake up out of the spiritual amnesia, understand there is more to life than having a good job and trying to be a good person, understand you have lessons here to learn, and heal the wounds in your soul. It’s taking off the rose-colored glasses and seeing things for what they really are — and it’s catapulting you into deep change because shit just ain’t right.

As an empathic collective, we have been undergoing major ascension acceleration the last two years. If your life has seemed topsy turvy, this is why. If you have been put through the wringer, understand that there is a rhyme and reason and it is because you are being pulled out of the 3D karmic system and into 5D Christ-consciousness. You are becoming a multi-dimensional being rather than a mere meat body. At times you feel this, and at times you question if it is in fact real. Let me assure you, it is real, despite little evidence in the 3D world.

There are two waves of “ascenders” at this point. Some got the trumpet call two and a half years ago and some only more recently have joined the journey in the last few months. The ones who went first are helping show the way to the newbies. One is not better than the other but we’re here to work together to show others what is possible. See below to discern whether or not the things you’ve experienced over the last few years are part of your spiritual awakening.

Here’s how to tell if you are on this spiritual ascension journey:

Your life has undergone major changes over the last five years. I don’t mean a change in job, a new baby, or other normal expected or anticipated life milestones that you wanted or worked for. I mean “tower” moments where shit comes crashing down unexpectedly and things you once enjoyed or wanted were taken from you so you could move in a totally new direction — a direction you never even knew existed.

You no longer desire to hold onto things that easily fall apart. Anything that causes you undue stress, where the pieces are constantly breaking apart, and that requires you to sacrifice who you really are no longer interests you. You have begun waiting for synchronistic events to come to you in an organic way, rather than trying to grasp water or sand that easily falls through your fingers.

You run from things that are low vibe. Before, you likely entertained anything and anyone who low vibed it into gossip, hatred, feuds, and all other forms of negativity. Now, though, it causes a deep resistance in your soul that you do not feel comfortable around. You would rather leave that shit and head for the exit than play along.

You are tapping into your natural gifts. Whichever gifts you suppressed, didn’t think you had time for, or didn’t think could make you money are now high on your priority list. You want to do what you came here to do and what you are truly good at, rather than playing along in a system where you can only be good at your day job.

You have recognized the abuse you have endured. You can no longer play along like you haven’t suffered on this planet. You have, you did, or you are, and anyone who tries to minimize the torment they inflicted on you is someone you want to avoid or confront. You will no longer accept poor treatment from anyone in your life, even longtime friends or family.

You have had to face your emotions head on. New emotions and old feelings alike can no longer be pushed down. They are coming up to the surface to be addressed, felt, and worked through once and for all. People around you may not understand why you feel so overwhelmed by this.

Your physical body has been purging and healing. Health problems that once plagued you likely came to a head these last few years and you have been able to reduce or resolve them through natural healing techniques or energy work. There is a chance this has happened on its own without your efforts as well.

You have released toxic relationships. Whether you purposefully chose to release toxic people, or whether they were taken away from you by the divine, you have seen a major overhaul in who you associate with, spend your time with, and enjoy being around. Anyone who doesn’t match your vibe is swiftly given the ax.

You understand your life’s story. You have begun to see how all of the challenges you have undergone served a great purpose and you have given yourself credit for how far you have come in life. You share your story freely with others in order to inspire and motivate them.

You welcome new life lessons. You understand that life is about learning and growth. In the past, these things scared you because it made life feel unstable and chaotic. At this point, you know life is but a waiting game — waiting for the next shoe to drop so you can gain more spiritual clarity and develop more character that will get you to another level of personal growth. You know as long as you work hard and have good intentions, the divine has your back.

You have started putting yourself first. In the past, you put everyone and everything above your own needs. Now you have come to see how much this drains you. You know you cannot pour from an empty cup and work hard to meet your own needs so that you are not physically and emotionally depleted.

You are being drawn to metaphysics and other spiritual information and practices. You have started questioning your entire belief system, what it means to be alive on planet earth, and how you choose to honor your existence here. You read books, blogs, listen to podcasts, and follow people on social media who are sharing spiritual information on this wavelength. You have a thirst for this kind of knowledge because you know there is more.

You have met a divine partner. Twin flame, soulmate — call it what you will. There is a good chance you have felt an otherworldly connection with someone you have already met. The purpose of these relationships is to resolve karma and learn life lessons at an accelerated rate. Whether or not you actually end up with this person in a romantic relationship is up to you — and dependent upon the soul growth both of you do. But simply meeting them is evidence of your path towards ascension.

You have learned the real meaning of self-love and acceptance. All of your insecurities have been brought up to the surface and dealt with. In the process, you learned that you are more than capable, worthy of love, and able to be loved in return. You understand that love is within you already and you don’t have to look for it externally.

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