Redefining what it means to be an empath

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Weak, quiet, meek. Used, abused. A lone wolf, a stray puppy. A wanderer without a tribe. A soul that has been drained. A spark that has dimmed. A basketcase. Too emotional. Look into the face of an empath who has never known their power or remembered where they come from and this might be all you see. This is all society has been taught to see. “Some people are strong and some people are weak.” — true monkey brain survival of the fittest mentality.

Real power is what is not said or spoken. It is the soul vibration of a person still fighting for life in a world that has made a point to tell it it should just lie down and surrender already. Still, empaths try to do good. Still, they try to help others. Still, they search for real love.

The world has never known a collective of awakened empathic people. I don’t mean a small group, or clusters here and there. I mean by the thousands and hundreds of thousands. Empaths have come to us as the solitary revolutionary. The one-of-a-kind artist. The nurturer who slaves alone in her home and is never thanked. The one who is always overlooked, spoken over, and mistaken for the wallpaper. The world is used to us only in small doses and singular missions, always rescinding our power at the slightest push back. Or sacrificing our very lives for our cause. The world has never seen who we are when we are not in solitude and servitude.

As an empath, you know you lead two lives. There is the you that you have come to play so that you are appreciated from a distance, blending in, always anticipating someone else’s next need. Always caring and listening and offering what you can while you have it. Feeling too much for any one person to bear, and perhaps, eventually avoiding things that make you feel, altogether.

But deep inside of you is another you. A you that knows her power but feels the pain of never having accessed it. The chasm between these two places is so wretchedly deep and uncomfortable that you hate to think about it. You are ashamed. You know how good you are at that thing, how adept you are to create positive change, to enact solutions, to do things in a different functional way. You have always fantasized about putting your foot down but never have. Instead, you lie awake at night thinking of the hundreds of ways your soul was overlooked and stomped on during the course of this day and how you wish you had a sharp comeback when you needed it. “How could I have let them do that to me?” you ask yourself until your body is so full of anxious static that you cannot shake it off.

But you have seen what happens when you have asserted yourself in the past. No one heard you yet they still punished you. “Such a bad girl to think you have a say in this” they told you. “Go back to the kitchen where you belong” they said. “You don’t have enough experience”, “you’re too sensitive”, “this isn’t what you’re good at”.

If we continue to allow the opposition (narcissists) to tell us who we are and who we will be, we will never access our true nature. If we allow them to define what it means to be empathic in the first place, we will always lose the battle. They will always tell you that you are a servant and they are the king. They will always demand you be selfless and scared. They will tell you that the only one who can be powerful is them. You have spent so much time trying not to be seen as a narcissist. You don’t want to be anything like them. But do you want to be yourself?

We must redefine what it means to be an empath. It is not meekness. It is no longer self-sacrifice until you are blue in the face or six feet under. It is not playing the part of a high-vibe lover of all and ignoring problems because everyone else does too. It is matching the opposition, wit for wit, head to head, eye to eye. You are their equal and so much more. You just don’t know it.

When an empathic person flips every preconceived notion of what it means to be empathic on its head, all hell will break loose. “You can’t be powerful! That must mean you’re self-absorbed.” “You can’t be seen! That must mean you’re egotistical.” “You can’t have an opinion! You’re not perfect!” “You can’t fight back! That must mean you love war over peace.” “You have no right to see my ego! Look at yours!” How long will you live their silly double standards just to avoid their judgment? They will speak ill of you anyway, and take your power while doing it.

Do you care how a narcissist will feel about you more than how you feel about yourself? Will you remain powerless forever just so they will continue to pretend to like you? Going forward, you must redefine what it means to be you, fully in your power. What an empath used to look like is no longer what we look like. At least, not once you’ve awakened.

The new empath looks like this:

  • Powerful
  • Discerning (utilizing your third eye)
  • Judging (you are allowed to make judgments about right and wrong because you operate from universal truths, unlike narcissists. Judge the behavior, not the person and do not gossip or hate)
  • A teacher of others
  • An outspoken advocate of the underdog
  • Fearless in their pursuit of good
  • Spirituality and metaphysically in touch with the divine and its messages
  • Someone who never says yes to evil — no matter the consequences
  • Someone who always puts their foot down when it comes to right and wrong
  • Someone who shines a light on evil
  • A protector of the innocent and vulnerable
  • A public figure who influences people
  • Someone with a dynamic, magnetic aura
  • Someone who openly engages in soulful conversation for the benefit of others
  • Someone who swiftly removes low vibes from their life
  • Someone who is not taken for granted or taken advantage of
  • Someone who acts rather than just thinking
  • Someone who trusts themselves explicitly
  • Someone who pursues 5th dimensional values and timelines
  • Someone with serious boundaries
  • Someone who is seen and openly shares their story in order to reflect the ascension journey back to others
  • Someone who masters the 3D realm, rather than being controlled or overwhelmed by it
  • Someone who goes into battle when necessary and is not afraid of conflict
  • Someone who purposefully creates alliances that work to support progress, equality, peace, knowledge, and justice
  • Someone who studies and understands how the opposition works in order to overcome the tactics
  • Someone who can manifest as well as alter lower vibrational energies into positive ones
  • Someone who is not ashamed of the truth
  • Someone who lives with no regrets because they always do the best they can
  • Someone who sees facades for what they really are
  • Someone who takes care of themselves first because they cannot pour from an empty cup
  • Someone who is not afraid of the ego of others and will confront them if necessary
  • Someone who understands their spiritual lineage

You are the new empath. 


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