“I was born into the wrong family” syndrome

It’s fascinating how both common and rare phenomena can be explained once you open yourself up to the idea of past lives. Child prodigies, genius, and advances in science and the humanities suddenly take on much different meanings if you can overcome the cognitive dissonance enough to see such inspirations are “remembrances” rather than oddities.

As I write about in my soon-to-be-released book, How To Become Intuitive, my foray into past lives began in 2008 when I just so happened to listen to Dr. Brian Weiss (a Yale-trained psychologist whose own experiences with patients showed him reincarnation is real) on satellite radio. He spoke of past lives, lessons, and Earth being a high school of sorts. I thought the information he provided was interesting but I didn’t make up my mind about his assertions. For fun, I also visited a Past Life Regressionist in New York City where I was living at the time. While my experience with her wasn’t mind-blowing and it didn’t change me, these two instances set the stage for a life-altering supernatural experience I would come to have nearly ten years later: a soulmate spark in the eye that completely rearranged my perception of the world. I remembered a stranger. If this soulmate and I had known each other before, that must mean that we’ve all been here before and repeated the same life patterns (aka karma) before. See, in order for one thing to be true, other things also had to be true. And thus began the unraveling and deprogramming.

Since that time I’ve organically, experientially, learned so much invaluable information about the nature of reality — universal truth, not indoctrination — that I work to convey to clients in need of spiritual assistance. One of the patterns that nearly always presents itself within the lives of my empathic clients is this feeling that they don’t belong in their family of origin. Perhaps they’re the proverbial black sheep. Maybe they just feel uneasy around their family but don’t know why. Perhaps they can’t stand the fueds, trauma and pain everyone acted on but no one wanted to acknowledge. Either way, they do not feel their family is their “real” family. As such, they go their entire lives feeling like a bit of an orphan, surrounded by people yet altogether alone in their soul.

This is super common, and actually, very easily explained. See, the family you are born into may be physically, biologically related to you. They are not however, spiritually related to you. Your souls come from different places, so to speak. You are what I call “karmic partners”: a collection of spiritually diverse beings here to resolve old, altogether toxic and outdated karmic cycles that were never broken. These are people you’ve known before, which is why the relationships are so challenging. The problems don’t stem from nowhere — they are ancient expectations, patterns, and wounding presenting in the here and now.

Admitting to this reality is the first step towards healing. Releasing your reasonable expectations is the second. Yes, your parent(s) should have treated you like their child, not their servant, not like you couldn’t be trusted, not like you were the problem. They should have nurtured and cared for you — not just physically but also emotionally. There’s a good chance they or other family members did not. But the reality is that they are karmic, they will never be able to meet your needs — no matter how reasonable your expectations are.

In these instances, empathic people usually blame themselves. “There’s something wrong with me or I wouldn’t have been treated like that” they believe. This is the abusive programming we must work to overcome. The karmic system tells a person “if your circumstance is less than ideal, it is because you are less than ideal”. In reality, it is that you were born into a family in which real, healthy, and unconditional love is near impossible because of the karmic patterns, roles, and expectations everyone has of each other. No one, except perhaps you, can see the present moment — they only see and feel past lifetime pain and project it into the present.

In these situations, empathic people can go their entire lives waiting and hoping their family will change or develop an ounce of empathy for them and others. This rarely happens, though it is possible. Because karmic partners are often narcissistic, those people would have to desire change just as much as you do and then work towards it — something a narcissist almost never does. Therefore, it is best to release all expectations and attachments to such people. In some cases, empaths can still remain close to their family but simply not give into the hatred and pain. In other instances, empaths must leave and begin life anew, surrounded by people they have specifically chosen based on true compatibility, not blood or lineage.

Also, take heart because we are coming into a time where soul tribes will begin finding each other and reuniting. This means your spiritual relatives will find their way to you in this lifetime, no matter distance or other barriers. Society will not like this because it will require a massive reshuffling of social dynamics, and because it will break every unreasonable, prejudiced taboo. These people may not be biologically related but they will feel like home, like peace, and like love. They will help you survive in the days to come.

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