How to process and reconcile supernatural or paranormal experiences

This is information I have wanted to share for quite some time. For years I hid the fact that I have had supernatural experiences because of the great shame and societal pressures to stay quiet. As I mention in my book How to Become Intuitive, after these experiences, I turned to trusted friends and family who immediately wrote me off and our relationships turned sour. A soulmate spark in the eye that two people witnessed? I recognized someone I didn’t know — and they, me? Past life love? A black flash of light between myself and a karmic partner that we both saw and that caused us to black out for a few good seconds — and stumble, then mumble jumbled words when we came to? What in the hell was I talking about? They didn’t have any idea and at the time, either did I. Not only that but I lacked the vocabulary to effectively explain what I had witnessed. They only received the bits and pieces I could string together, which didn’t illustrate the entire story. We were all confused.

If I couldn’t understand what I had experienced, how were they to? In fact, after sharing this information with certain people (karmic partners), I was dragged to court, forced to comply with an extensive psychological evaluation to prove my sanity, and came out the other side a changed woman. See, experiencing the supernatural isn’t just a shock to everything you have ever believed to be true — it is also something that can be weaponized against you. For me, I proved myself over and over again in a court of law. The other parties simply could not believe it possible to be a sane person who had experienced unexplained paranormal phenomenon. But that is exactly the case. And that is why I want to share this information with you.

First, understand that we live in a world of naysayers. The first thing you will want to do after a supernatural experience is tell those closest to you. You need someone to confirm what you have witnessed. You want them to be as curious and perplexed as you are. You want to convince others there is “more”. Unfortunately, the chances of you receiving any affirmation or validation is rather slim. Please understand that this speaks more to the state of their ego than your experience. Coming face to face with the divine or an unexplained “other” forces you to shed your ego (the 3-dimensional brainwashing we all receive from birth about what is real, true, and acceptable to be and to believe) and look the divine in the eye.

Yes, after a supernatural experience, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of an ego death where everything you thought was true about the world has melted away in a split second. There is no gradualness or baby step to be found. There is now a “before” and an “after” and you are not sure which to believe. Seeing beyond the veil is a gift, but also, it is a serious reality check. While billions of people worldwide may say they believe in a higher power and worship prophets or messiahs whose message is a supernatural one in nature, when it comes to the brass tacks of daily life, believing in miracles and experiencing one truly draws a line in the sand. Did it happen or did it not? Will you believe it or will you write it off? Are you courageous enough to suspend your entire belief system and everything you have ever known?

You may spend years of your life reliving those events. You may spend years trying to make sense of it. Where could the flaw in your memory be? How else could this be explained? How did the people around you respond? What could have forced you into an altered state? You pick yourself apart, bit by sorry bit. You continue to try telling others but it falls on deaf ears. “Why are they not completely, utterly moved by this?” you will ask yourself. Unfortunately, if you are someone that the 3D system does not consider “valid”, you will have a more difficult time. Women, minorities, the economically disadvantaged, artists, children, and even the elderly will have a much harder time convincing anyone of the truth. They are much more likely to be written off and diagnosed.

After friends and family wouldn’t listen, I eventually turned to the internet to see what kinds of information I could find. I stumbled upon entire communities of people asking the same questions: “I was talking to a neighbor girl… I’m 45 and she’s 16. Suddenly a flash of light met between our eyes. I said, ‘Whoa, what was that?’ She said, ‘I don’t know!’ I fell in love with her but she’s only 16. What do I do?” Then I thought, if other people are also having unexplained experiences, maybe there are counselors out there who work with this kind of strange phenomena. My first two calls didn’t go so well. One, a spiritual coach who called herself an “Indigo.” I explained the situation to her and asked her what she thought. “Well, we will have to discuss this further. How much of a down payment can you make today?” she asked me. “Nothing,” I said. The call didn’t go anywhere after that. Next I found a woman who researched the paranormal for a living and who also happened to be a clinical psychologist. I asked if she had ever counseled anyone after such an experience. “No, I haven’t really thought about it I guess,” she said. And then the line went blank.

Eventually I realized I would have to reconcile these things myself. It took years but I finally got to a point where I could no longer doubt what had happened to me because I had never seen something like it before — or since. Also, when an experience alters your life so dramatically that you simply cannot go back to your old way of thinking or living, you know it’s authentic. You know it happened, and you know it’s real. In my case, I had the “luxury” of at least two other people also admitting to sharing these experiences with me (in so many words), though I still couldn’t get a straight answer out of them which drove me into further shame and hiding. They were dealing with their own egos and nothing I said or did could draw out the unedited truth. After years, I decided it was okay to become the lone wolf and I admitted what I saw, what I lived, and now I know nothing could ever change what happened to me.

This journey is lonely, yes. This journey is also a major ego reckoning. In all honesty, from what I have read, some people go into deep depressions, some abuse substances, and some kill themselves because the stigma is so great. Or, the shame of being diagnosed and labeled as mentally ill forces a person who has seen the divine to hide the greatest gift they have ever been given. Both are not a symptom of mental illness but can in fact contribute to it as a result of the cognitive dissonance. I do believe a serious conversation needs to be had about the legitimate differences between a person tormented with mental illness and a person who cannot reconcile the supernatural. One experience is a string of daily pain, and one is characterized by marked, dramatic one-time events that make you a better person.

As an Intuitive, my first inkling someone is telling the truth about a paranormal encounter is either that they feel ashamed to divulge something so “deep”, or that they are grasping for words to explain the beauty of what they have seen. After your own experiences, do you fit into this category? Do you also have a completely new life after the fact? Do you know there is no going back? Do you see life more clearly and understand the greater meaning of it all? Do you want to be a better person? These are all indications you should accept what has happened to you.

Additionally, please come to terms with the fact that likely no one will be able to validate what you have lived. This desire is another indication what you saw was real. A person who has not had such a jaw-dropping experience will likely not care to crowd-source opinions to hopefully, one day, find that sage or guru who will explain the meaning to you. So far, I haven’t found one. The point is to become your own wise woman/man and be able to recognize this pain in others and also to remind the world that there is more.

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