Anatomy of a Narcissist’s truth

My newly-released book How to Become Intuitive is an amalgamation of the experiences I had lived and desperately sought to understand, over the course of thirty-two years, and more specifically, a very intense and abusive three. I was completely fascinated with the way some people deflect the truth and are unable to allow even a hint of universal truth to shine it’s light on the recesses of the subconscious mind; how some people are so good at denying the truth that they in fact go to great lengths to protect lies without caring for the consequences. I’m fascinated by why people do certain things and where it stems from, as well as the resultant consequences on an empathic person’s body and soul. And I am greatly fascinated with interpreting what it means for the larger times we find ourselves in — the Age of Aquarius, and the age of the undoing of lies until there is, eventually, only truth.

My book outlines in great detail not only what a narcissist is, but also the play-by-play of how they think and operate and I want to share some of this information with you here today. Not only will this help you in your personal life, it will also help you begin to spot the greater facades that are currently crumbling in the media and politics. This isn’t a mistake, it is a sign of the times and becoming intuitive in this chaotic time will provide you a level of safety, purpose, and protection. See, this info isn’t merely a tool to be used to help yourself against energy vampires preying on your health and happiness, it is also the predominant theme of the global awakening we are currently undergoing as a species. And it is the responsibility of each one of us to awaken to this reality.

Here’s how narcissists deal with the truth:

  1. Narcissists promote their “good side” to earn trust from members of the group or community, so that eventually, when and if the real truth comes out, everyone will by default believe what the narc says since they have “proved” themselves and no evidence to the contrary will ever be believed.
  2. Brainwash the empath into thinking they are wrong always. Brainwash the empath into thinking there is something wrong with them or their perception and thus, must atone for this sin of “wrongness” to their narcissistic handler(s).
  3. Program an empath’s brain, hormones, and nervous system to become a continuous fuel supply for the narcissist. This means the empath is almost always in a subconscious state of reaction rather than rest and homeostasis. Empaths are programmed to react physically and emotionally to certain negative cues the narc gives them (i.e. anger or frustration elicits fear or confusion which is transposed as an energetic fuel).
  4. Isolate empaths from each other so the truth cannot be agreed upon in consensus and so that empaths live in constant states of self-doubt and cognitive dissonance.
  5. Prevent the truth from ever coming out by way of coercion, groupthink, threats, energetic intimidation, and other forms of abuse.
  6. When and if the truth does come out, develop smear campaigns to sabotage the truth from being believed. If the “witnesses”, “whistle blowers” or other truth teller is smeared first, their character will be tainted and thus, the truth will not be taken seriously.
  7. Blame the victim. If defaming the victim’s character isn’t enough, narcs will flat out blame the victim for the narc’s bad behavior. They didn’t do it, you did.
  8. Take resources from the empath/victim. They will ensure you cannot succeed financially, socially, in the workplace, and more. They take away rights or resources so you have little to no way to survive or support yourself.
  9. Pretend as if nothing is happening. In addition to the covert bad behavior that is done on an underlying level, they will also act as though nothing has happened at all so that the reaction from the empath or victim seems completely out of place and psychotic. This will further drive home the point that they are blameless and the victim is a maniac who caused the problem. Because they are pretending and therefore, subconsciously encourage others to pretend as well, they believe their reality is the truth.

It’s very important to begin identifying these tactics in order to understand that whomever is using them is in direct opposition to the truth and therefore, not on the side of the ascension or karmic undoing — that they are in fact a deterrent to the truth and need to be removed from your life. This will also help you understand the karmic undoing you are witnessing in the news media. It’s not a mistake. It is a sign of the times.

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