When the narcs turn on each other

If you’ve read my blog or new book, you’ll know that the spiritual warfare empaths face is directed at us by ego-driven narcissists who will do anything to hide their bad behavior. They use empaths as fuel sources because narcs cannot generate energy for themselves and empaths are so “easy” to manipulate into reactionary, trauma-driven responses based on the abuse they’ve suffered their entire lives.

Narcs operate within a web or hive mentality in which social hierarchies are in place in order for them to assist each other in their devious desires. Additionally these roles change according to which narc needs help — and what kind. The central leader one day may the next shift into a lesser role in order to accomplish a task. The task is always, at its core, about suppression of the truth and elevation of the lies.

But curiously enough, when there is no longer an external fuel source (aka abused and controlled empaths), narcs will begin turning on each other. When there is no longer a pure, blameless sacrificial lamb who cannot defend themselves, upon which blame is continually transposed, abusers have nowhere left to turn but inward to their own hive — because, remember, the ego will protect itself at all costs. This includes “allies” turning on each other in order to save their own ego. This is what we’re about to witness politically and societally. As an Intuitive, I want you to be prepared. Take these words seriously.

See, the impetus for this is the #metoo movement. It is not just a societal awakening for victims. It is the movement of our time — and it is a sign of what is to come. While the original intent was to expose sexual abuses and reclaim one’s personal power via storytelling (a fifth Chakra power), the unintended outcome is that victims of all kinds are now choosing to stop protecting their perpetrators and tell all sorts of inconvenient truths. This is not limited to sexual abuse. It encompasses all lies and abuses of people or power. And the narcs are scared.

The tactics that worked so well in the past (which I detail in my book How to Become Intuitive) are being seen for what they really are: tactics rather than absolute truth. See, absolute truth requires no tactics. We will begin to see that anyone using a “tactic” is in opposition to the truth. And we will see how systemic — or metastatic — the lies and tactics are. They are a cancer upon the soul and destiny of all humankind.

Empaths have been healing. They refuse, by and large, to be controlled and indeed, question why they were ever taught they needed to be controlled in the first place. They have been speaking the God’s-honest truth, finally. They have decided it is better to be punished for speaking than live in the threats one day longer. Humanity has been presented with subconscious truths everyone pretended were not there. The matrix of energy manipulation and stealing is dissolving. We are coming into a time where no one will be sabotaged and everyone will have an equal playing field. Empaths and their innate talents and skills will become invaluable resources in the world because they will no longer be repressed and because they provide healing for the systems and people narcs have broken.

As this dissolves we will see more and more narcissists and sociopaths attempt to save themselves from the hive by throwing each other under the bus. They will begin tattling on each other. They will break their most essential “golden rule”: never expose each other and never expose the dark truth. You will see this politically first. As we see world leaders being brought down by their own bad behavior, more and more “supporting” actors will begin turning on said leaders in order to save themselves. Then the supporting actors will begin turning on each other instead of maintaining a united front.

We must ask ourselves what the outcome of this will be. What will be the long term, overarching effects of narcissists turning on each other? Not only will be truth be exposed in record time, but also, we will witness the karmic culling that many great prophets and ascended masters have warned us about. The wheat will be separated from the chaff, the liars from the truth tellers, and those who contribute to lies and entropy will be finally set beneath those who tried to tell the truth but were smeared or ignored. There is no stopping this karmic culling and it will continue until every deception is exposed and rectified. It will show us who can be trusted and who cannot. Narcissists turning on each other is the next essential step in this process.

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