Life through the lens of an empath

Imagine walking through life seeing through each person you encounter and into their soul. Imagine seeing their wounding, scars, and phobias every time you look into a person’s eyes. Imagine the pain you feel. Imagine what that pain does to your body. Imagine the fear you would feel each time their ego bullies you into corners in an attempt to gloss over their own pain. They don’t want you to see it and you have to pretend you don’t. Imagine the energy demand on your brain and body. Imagine feeling the weight of the responsibility to process, hide, secret away, or transmute what everyone around you has kept hidden for so long. Imagine having no one to talk to about this responsibility. Imagine not knowing it’s happening in the first place.

If you want to understand your own empathic nature, you must understand the subconscious factors keeping you sick and stressed. You must understand the reality of what you’re witnessing, despite it being pushed into subconscious corners by everyone around you. And you also must understand the absolute depth of what you are being asked to suppress — and why.

I like to think of life for an empath as a house of mirrors. You’re nervous and standing in the middle of a room. You hear noises echoing. The room is full of distorted mirrors and a maze that you can’t seem to find your way out of. Each time you look into another mirror, you see some horrifying distorted face. You aren’t sure why the faces seem angry, frustrated, in pain, sad, or scared. You keep trying figure it out but learn to blame yourself because you must have caused their reaction. Eventually you learn not to look anymore. Eventually you become so traumatized you avoid the mirrors altogether.

Now instead of mirrors, imagine these are the faces of everyone around you. You are picking up so much metaphysical information on everyone you encounter that you become wounded yourself. You learn that you are the problem. How else would you see so much emotion every time you look? On top of that, you have been bullied or coerced into ignoring the information you pick up on so that those with inflated egos do not have to confront their own pain. You are held responsible if you happen to allow them to see their own pain. You are the one who is punished despite carrying their pain for them.

Life does not have to be this painful forever. Awareness of these things is the first step. Accepting that you have experienced these things is second. No longer being fearful of them is the third. No longer accepting responsibility for what is not yours is the second-to-last step. Healing from all of this and becoming a powerful being in your own right is the final step towards becoming an awakened empath, rather than a traumatized one.