You’re on the brink of meeting your soul tribe

“Soul tribe” is a term that gets thrown around a bunch in the metaphysical world. We’re told that finding these people is easy enough if you send out positive vibes and manifest them or are active enough in the houses of worship or social media followings promoting “spirituality.” I don’t think it’s quite so easy and in my work with empathic people over the years have seen how disenfranchised and alone they often feel, even while being amidst groups of “nice” people. There is still some part inside of them that feels like the odd one out, the black sheep, a stranger in a strange land. They have rarely had their soul vibration reflected back to them, let alone recognized and appreciated.

Additionally, narcissists intentionally separate or come between empathic people in order to prevent the authentic vibration of truth from rising and exposing the lies once and for all, in order to retain power and control. Because of this, heart break is no stranger to an empath and they may consistently worry about someone or something being taken away from them yet again, preventing them from bonding with or seeking out others who share their soul frequency.

The times are changing and have changed. All of the karmic work you’ve done to overcome your core wounds and life lessons over the last few years will finally be rewarded. You have reestablished your natural frequency of love, understanding, and peace. You are, or have, eliminated fear instilled in you by your narcissistic handlers. You understand that physical separation cannot separate your soul from your true brothers and sisters in the fifth dimension. And shortly, perhaps even now, you will start to recognize the vibration of heartfelt 4th Chakra and 6th Chakra activity in those you once overlooked. You will have an odd remembrance of them, as if you have finally found someone whose depth matches your own.

You are coming home. You will begin to share the pain of your experiences with these people and they will innately understand because they too have been wounded in similar ways. You will no longer fear opening your heart. They will light up when you do. They have secretly been searching for the same. Much like an underground society driven into the crypts in order to go unnoticed, your soul tribe will begin stepping into the light of day. They will not look like how you assumed they should. But you will see beyond their flesh suit into the soul you have always known and enjoyed. You will have so much to catch up on.