How to tell if you’re in the final stages (of separation) in a twin flame/soulmate connection

As I have stated in other posts, please understand that I use the term twin flame to denote a karmic romantic partner you need to get away from in order to grow spiritually. I use the term soulmate to denote the true other half of your soul, with whom, when you are both healthy, share a frequency/vibration that acts as a perfect mirror. Today though, I am breaking my own rule and using the term interchangeably because of the amount of people calling a soulmate a twin flame (it’s shocking, really) and the amount of media online reinforcing the idea that many have been on a twin flame journey these last few years. As I always say, it’s semantics really, but personally I prefer the term soulmate because of my own experiences that defined these terms for me. Use whichever you prefer.

Those who have been on a twin flame or soulmate journey for the last few years understand how trying these circumstances and relationships (or lack thereof) are. I have an entire section dedicated to these soul contracts in my book How to Become Intuitive because they are one of the best and biggest motivations for ascension and therefore, perceiving the truth once and for all. You have been spurring each other on towards releasing all facades and falsehoods because you see how much pain it causes when you do not perceive and act on the truth.

Chances are, you met someone with whom you share an undeniable connection and yet life — and other people — has gotten in the way time and time again making manifestation of this connection damn near impossible. That’s the karma you are both indebted to, and must resolve, rearing its ugly head once again in the present incarnation. Chances are, if you have been ascending, you have actively been working to heal yourself, your life, and your wounds in order to overcome this karma once and for all. If so, good for you! It is the hardest thing you will ever do and can and will bring you to your knees.

As an empathic collective, we are nearing the final stages of separation. This means the soul brothers and sisters your spirit has longed for will finally find you once again and this also means the romantic connection that you just couldn’t shake no matter what you did to avoid it or ignore it will also come to fruition. Now, to be honest, this doesn’t mean you will manifest this as a reality in the physical world. I think, for many, it means complete soul alignment in the 5D. Some have already come together physically and some will never. One is not better than the other. It is simply a matter of how much karma each of you had, how quickly you worked on it, and how driven you were to overcome it as a pair. Either way, alignment is happening and it’s right around the corner.

How to know you are in the final stages of this journey:

  1. Your physical body is healed or near healed.
  2. Your core wounds are almost healed and you remember your higher self, apart from your earthly wounding and will do anything to become that person once more. You are no longer scared of being that higher self.
  3. You have forgiven what they have done to you.
  4. You have forgiven yourself for your role in the pain or what you have done to them.
  5. You no longer care if there is any 3D manifestation of this connection.
  6. You understand this the 3D karmic system is crumbling and will soon crumble once and for all, restoring our divinity and connection to source energy.
  7. You see the historical events Earth is undergoing as a sign of the times.
  8. You have mastered your life lessons (around love, sex, money, communication, power, etc)
  9. You no longer long for someone to complete or help you.
  10. You feel at peace in your soul. You want for nothing.
  11. You are comfortable with vulnerability. You will let people in even if there’s a chance they could hurt you.
  12. You no longer react when hurt.
  13. You find acceptance in every day life.
  14. You no longer feel abandoned, rejected, or betrayed by this person.
  15. You no longer identify with your physical body or that of others. You understand your body is but a vessel for the soul and changes each lifetime. You recognize your “imperfections” but don’t feel controlled by them.
  16. You no longer care who understands this connection or validates it.