Choosing a 5D life versus a 3D life

Do you allow life to happen to you or do you plan out life and get nervous when it doesn’t go according to plan?

The answer to this question is important.

A three-dimensional life is where you plan nearly every detail, or have expectations about what should happen in your life, then work until those plans become a reality. You don’t necessarily have to be a driven person, you just have to expect something from your life and actively seek that out, while rejecting anything that doesn’t fit into your narrative (and usually get disappointed when it doesn’t perfectly work out). I did this. Most people do.

Traditional thinking tells us to have a plan, map it out, then become frustrated or more determined when it doesn’t go according to our efforts and desires: we are told if we don’t get what we want, it’s by some error of our own: we weren’t good enough, we weren’t capable or determined enough; we must work harder, get more education, acquire more experience, and so on. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting good things for yourself and working hard to achieve them. There’s nothing wrong with fighting for your cause. There’s also nothing wrong with planning for the future. The problem lies in the fact that this often causes us to miss the cues and directives from the divine about the real path we’re supposed to take. So we become frustrated when the divine redirects our paths and throws our personal plans for success and happiness out the window.

As I write about in my book How to Become Intuitive, the divine doesn’t care about the preconceived notions we have about or for ourselves. Most of those notions are ego-driven anyway and look good from the outside but do little for the soul. The 3D choices may gain us clout, acceptance, validation, success, and wealth, and you will become the ideal “persona” the karmic system expects of you, but they usually lead you away from your dharma (true life’s path) and back towards your karma (more difficult lessons to be learned based on the wounding that is controlling you).

Additionally, the divine doesn’t care about what we think should happen after we follow their directives. “If I trust my intuition, then everything will finally go right. Everything will magically work out” is flawed thinking. Trusting your intuition does not ensure everything will work out to some fantastical conclusion. It simply means you will have completed a lesson and overcome a wound. You probably won’t receive any accolades for this and no one will notice, but you will know and feel lighter and better. Still, you will continue to exist in a lower-vibrational 3D world that is imperfect and full of pain. The difference is that you yourself will be in less pain and you will be more apt to succeed in what the divine directs you towards. It is a compromise we all must decide to make: forgo the ego desires for worldly success, or follow our heart’s calling and do what we feel we are called to do despite the hardship and despite there never being a solid conclusion to the pain we are subjected to. But now you will see you don’t have to let it get to you.

In other words, it’s impossible to live a fifth-dimensional reality while controlling your experiences. If the biblical stories teach us anything, it is that the divine will direct our paths but only if we stop resisting it. Those who resisted were left with more karma to sort through (Jonah and the Whale being a prime example). Or, we can see in other stories, such as Noah and the Ark, that bucking the 3D system and all human reasoning protects you in the future, though you will not receive immediate societal benefits and face much hardship in the process.

Becoming your higher self is a matter of rejecting the chord of desire you have attached to the outcomes and experiences you have. Once you see that everything is meant to teach you something, you no longer reject the awkward, lonely or winding paths the divine sets before you — even paths no one but you, or even you yourself, do not understand. You will choose them over and over again and become more disillusioned with the true reality that surrounds you. You will see the stark discrepancy between the 5th-dimension, the realms of the soul, and the 3D physical world that is tangible, yet ever-fleeting. You will wonder why you ever played into the karmic system to begin with. You will become intuitive.