Why “vibing high” is another form of denial

If you’ve even remotely engaged in the metaphysical or spiritual communities of the world by way of bookstores, podcasts, YouTube, retreats, classes, meditations, workshops and the like, you have observed those leaders and followers who like to “vibe high.” In other words, they adopt a higher vibration that seems to project love, kindness, unity, and harmony above any lower vibrations of evil, greed, hatred, injustice, and more. You may look up to these people and think you’d like to become like them, forgoing those low vibes in favor of something higher. It makes them appear to be a better person, a more stable person, a healthier person, certainly a more spiritual person — and chances are, you’d like that too.

As I have said in previous posts, the problem is that many times, these people have gray or blank auras that seem static-y, not grounded, and false. Their message makes sense but their energy is not differentiated or individuated. It is not unique to them. It is an energy of what they think they should be, rather than who they actually are. And thus, it does not project the frequency of truth.

This is because it is impossible to vibe high unless you have solved problems. Unless you acknowledge problems, stare them dead in the eye, find solutions for them, and reverse them, you are not vibrating at the frequency of truth. You are only appearing to.

We know that narcissists are also masters of denial and deflection. They overlook abuse on purpose. They pretend they didn’t do what they just did. They get others to stay in denial as well so that nothing is ever addressed and resolved, so that they are never held accountable, or so that they can continue stealing energy from the victim by way of cognitive dissonance and pain. They pretend they are high vibe because they deny what has actually happened.

That’s not to say that those high vibers are all narcissists. It’s to say, this method is employed by many. It’s to say that ignoring problems, abuse, injustices, and hatred do not make one a better person. Becoming a better person requires one going directly to the source of the pain and often, becoming that vibration in order to absolve it. You cannot fix a problem until you immerse yourself in it and get to know it intimately. Avoiding the vibration of the problem means you are denying it exists or that there is a solution for it. It is trying to erase the past by overwriting it, which doesn’t work when it comes to human pain. It must first be recognized and fixed.

Going into the problem, however, by remembering it and becoming it, is what truly solves the problem and therefore transmutes the energy. In the process, the low vibe may get blamed on you — especially if you are the only one who admits to feeling it. If others want to overwrite this pain by denying it, it will be up to you to adopt, learn from, and resolve.

Think of narcissistic parents. Many empaths have at least one. When their child cries or needs help, they believe the child should be ignored so that the child learns to stop crying or being needy. They believe this solves the problem because yes, over time, the child will expect less and less from the narc parent since they have seen they never get their needs met by this person. The empathic parent, however, runs to the child, assess what is needed to stop the pain, and offers a solution. Perhaps it is a hug. Perhaps it is bouncing or rocking the child until their nervous system is soothed. Perhaps it is a word of kindness or encouragement that they can find a solution themselves and the parent will watch and support them in the process; that they will be there to catch them.

Only one of these parents understands that a young child cannot transmute its own energy because of its age, so the parent assists and teaches the child how to do so. As the years go on, the child learns that she can find her own solutions but is not scared to ask for help if needed because they know the parent will always offer support. There is no angst or self-inflicted guilt for needing help. The other parent pretends there are no problems, that the child itself is the problem, and that this instinctual desire for help should be beaten out of it because “no problems exist — only you are the problem.” In other words, the parent thinks if they pretend there is no problem, the child will learn there is no problem. And thus, nothing is ever transmuted or improved. It is only suppressed by way of denial.

Be wary of those who vibe high by ignoring problems. Be wary of those who do not want to utter the reality of what is happening in the world. Be wary of those who pretend everything will be fine if we just adopt a higher vibration. If they cannot go to the source of the pain, become it for a short time and change it, they are not accomplishing anything for the ascension of humanity. They are simply playing a part and asking you to do the same. And this is not how you resolve your karma.

As Christ showed us, you must first go into the pain, acknowledge it publicly, and then allow the narcs to “crucify” you as the source of the problem. Remember, they operate on the old system in which a sacrificial lamb is required to absolve too much negative energy. Those with Christ consciousness instinctively understand the new system in which you can solve the problem yourself. After they have destroyed the remnants of the pain, you will be born again into a new life in which the karma was resolved and you can step into your dharma — your true life’s path apart from the denial. They will think they deflected from the problem, but because you took the time to resolve it, you will win by naturally having a higher vibration that you don’t have to fake.