Channeled messages 02/03/2020

On your original present-lifetime wound and your narcissistic parent(s)’ role in it: You have to go back to your original wound in this present lifetimes. It either early trauma (what a baby or young child would consider traumatic, not what an adult would), or attachment problems, or a mixture of the two. You have to discover what your original belief about yourself was, based on what your parents or caregivers reinforced. What is the statement? If you cannot figure it out, test your subconscious mind by reciting various possible statements. When you come to the correct answer, it will feel like an aha! moment and you may feel physically and energetically lighter.

As a child, you would do anything to survive. Narcs are incapable of helping anything to grow or expand, so if your caregivers were narcissistic, you were in constant states of biological stress because you worried you would die. So you learned to do whatever the parent wanted in order to ensure your survival. Imagine what would happen if you went against your parent, the person who kept you alive as an infant and child. Imagine you trying to fend for your survival by always keeping them happy. You came to believe you are bad and they must be kept happy at all times or you will die. This is how the ego programming begins each lifetime. You must overcome the original parental belief wound in this lifetime. Go back to the source: Handlers.

Narcs talk over and guide their children in conversation to make themselves look like fit parents. They smile and act loving or jovial but it’s just to control the child in order to control the other adults perception. So the child learns to vouch for the handler. Then they find a spouse who requires the same because this is what they were taught love was. It feels familiar. So the empaths are kept in a hypnotic painful response as a result and this creates cognitive dissonance between their conscious and subconscious minds. This is what differentiates and creates the duality of the mind: conscious and subconscious. This is why you feel you are two people: one deep inside who you really are and one every one has told you to be (or you face punishment). 

Digging into the subconscious mind means liberating the trauma so that it is no longer a junk storage facility. So that everything, conscious and subconscious, aka your perception and theirs, is no longer separate, only one being believed and one being a dirty little secret.

On subconscious cues from narcs: Narcs and the double blink: when making eye contact with narcs they will do a double blink or blink then look to their right and down (indicative of accessing the part of the brain that makes things up and improvises or plots) when your soul comes shining through your eyes. It’s like they talk themselves out of seeing it. It’s like they don’t want you to see that they can see who you really are. Or, you said something that upset their ego so they took it as a slight. That means you’re in for it. You usurped their power or reminded them you see through them.

Their punishment for this is in your third Chakra. Fear and anxiety and pain burning pain. It’s how they zap your energy from your kidneys and adrenals. They kept feeding off of you in a stress response. Of course. Your third Chakra is literally called your power Chakra. You need vibrant kidneys and adrenal to go the long haul on this place. They also become nervous or angry and take notice when you no longer respond to their various Pavlovian cues. They will watch you and wait to see if you respond. They may seem perplexed if you don’t. They will try it again. If you don’t respond this may elicit a further response from them or they may plot and prey. 

You are trained out of reality by your handlers through hypnotic suggestion and punishment. You feel the sting in your chakras every time you disobey. You learn to associate love with being zapped. And the zap of energy transfer is compounded by the fact that they choose the chakra(s) that they know irritate you the most from past lives. 

You have to pay extremely acute attention to the narcs cues. They are so unbelievably subtle most will miss them or believe any one who notices them to be delusional. Often it is a sniff of one nostril. Other times it is the wiggling of toes. Perhaps they huff and puff. Perhaps they stomp one foot or shuffle their feet. It is these cues that can only be registered by the subconscious mind while you are in states of cognitive dissonance. Once you integrate the conscious and subconscious minds, you spot it in real time.

The “best” victims learn these cues subconsciously and do their best to never ever step beyond the line their handler has set out. They are completely controlled by the Pavlovian responses. Because their drive to please and survive is so strong, they are the best energy givers and they supply their handler all day and night. They may not be the most bumped and bruised but they are often the most drained because they are eating themselves alive to not face punishment. Of course nothing a victim does can ever end abuse, except perhaps leaving (though even that’s not true most of the time). It’s just to say that the victim tries to be a perfect person to keep their handler happy.

And this is a form of abuse that has never even been acknowledged: energetic. Why else would you have to keep someone happy all day should you risk punishment expect for the fact that it’s an energetic prison?