How to translate and understand narcopath-ese

Narcissists speak a language unto themselves. An empathic person born into this world will not innately understand it and therefore feel confused, left out, and weird for not speaking the language of the general population. You may always be worried who will try to play “gotcha” next and how you will respond, interpret their meaning, or defend yourself.

Once you understand the basics of how these people operate you can easily translate their meanings in order to not only understand their real intention and find clarity for yourself, but also be able to predict what they will do next based on their true meanings and intentions.

You have to keep in mind that language is not only acquired through memorization, observation and immersion, or acquiring it as a native speaker. Language is also an energy that can be felt. The words that come out of one’s mouth do not necessarily reflect the language they are speaking. You must feel for what they are actually saying, based on the energy of intention they are putting off. You can feel in order to translate.

Here’s what you want to keep in mind:

  1. Narcissists and sociopaths speak in reverse. A healthy person starts with telling the truth and then observes any lies as a result of the truth. A “narcopath” will tell the lies first and wait to see the reaction of those listening.
  2. They obfuscate their lies by making them appear to be truths. While telling the lie, they rely on appeals to truth, peace, equality, justice, and harmony. Think of it as two opposing currents. One, on top, is what they think everyone wants to hear in order to prevent exposing themselves. The other current, beneath that, is the truth they tell in a backwards way so that it becomes a riddle one has to figure out.
  3. They also obfuscate their meaning via nostalgia or other appeals to emotions. They make you sentimental for the past, despite the past being hellish. They make you fearful for the future without them. So people keep repeating the past, seeking the feeling of love or connectedness that has been promised to them by the narc.
  4. Their words and actions always betray each other.
  5. They create incentives or reward people for supporting and upholding the narc’s statements. They place supporters on a pedestal so the rest of society yearns to be recognized and idolized as they are. The elites of the world are some of the most insecure human beings. They project elitism but they worship the head narc in order to feel worthy themselves because it is not generated from within.

Here’s a little translation from last night’s 2020 State of the Union address:

Freedom unifies the soul” = We pretend you are free but take your rights or make you pay for or earn basic rights so that your souls are always at odds with each other in class warfare. You are not free or unified. Freedom unifies the soul, which is why we will never give it to you.

We will always protect patients with preexisting conditions” = if being an energetic slave made you sick, its okay, we’ll still let you pay for health care. We won’t cut off your rights because you were a bad example to others by showing them what the system does to a person’s body and soul. You are still allowed to pay for over-priced help. We will continue to make money off of you, don’t worry.

Stanctuary” = greatest Freudian slip of the night. Immigrants are beneath me.

Simply put, backwards language does not make sense. It requires you decode it in order to understand and have the upper hand. And this is why empathic people have never felt at home here or understood this place. Everything is backwards, including how narcs communicate.