What’s to come

As I write in my book How to Become Intuitive, narcissists are always looking for ways to determine how you have betrayed them. In fact, many narcs are very intuitive. Problem is their intuition is externally focused rather than internally driven. In other words, they watch to see how you will betray their falsehoods and abuse by freeing yourself, stating the obvious, or calling them out. They are not intuitive because they want to understand the world, themselves and other people in order to bring about harmony and healing. They are intuitive in order to control.

Once their control over you no longer works, or if you have betrayed their control of you via telling the truth, you will face punishment. In my book and on this blog I detail how they will send their flying monkeys after you. They have minions working on their behalf, no doubt. And if you’re anything like me I never imagined this level of conspiratory planning could be real until I experienced it. In fact, I had no idea people conspired against each other on purpose.

What does this have to do with anything? The time we find ourselves in are the times that have been prophesied about for generations. The human ego is not sustainable and will eventually, if left to its own devices, permanently destroy the biological, emotional and spiritual resources of our planet. What the world is witnessing in the political sphere this week is what we have been warned of: absolute power corrupts absolutely. And we are about to witness what unchecked, unbridled ego power does to people and resources when no one can stop its lies and manipulation of truth.

I’ll give you a sneak peek into the next few months as planet earth’s ascension process continues. You could say it is speeding up. With all planets going retrograde some time this year, any karma you have not resolved will come rushing to the surface. It will be a time of chaos and pain for most. Fueds, drama and trauma will come rushing at people. Niceties will fly out the window. People will be in survival mode, doing anything to protect themselves. Planet earth is expunging herself of old energies and placing humans and the ecosystem under the control of the planetary bodies is the quickest way to accomplish this since it is entirely out of our control.

Ideally, you’ve already over the last few years been forced to resolve your karma. Especially escaping your narcissistic handler(s). If so, this will set you apart from the general population who has no idea they have karma or do not desire to resolve it. They will continue to blind themselves with ego roles (chasing that ladder of success) and mindless entertainment. You will see things coming, see clearly with your divine vision via your third eye Chakra, and you will be able to remove yourself from the chaos that will soon ensue.

If you have worked to heal yourself, you will also be strong enough and resourceful enough to endure the confusion and collapse of infrastructure. It will happen so gradually that most won’t notice. But human rights will be violated more and more and trustworthy people will be hard to come by. You will have to get very creative.

The last few years have been a steady decline for the old operating system: the human ego. The ego, as Christ demonstrated, is a system in which someone else must be blamed and “crucified” to atone for the sins of the many. The new system (aka original system) is one in which you deprogram yourself and heal yourself through your own belief. Then you become like him and are restored back to your original divinity, realizing this reality is a false construct that narcissists have created.

You will know you have been chosen for this “mission” based on your inherent drive to heal yourself. You will also, as I have said before, find like minded souls with whom you share a resonance to help you through this difficult time. You will begin to heal each other through your own belief.

The antithesis of Christ consciousness is the ego. And the leaders of the world are so invested in their egos that they will stop at nothing to gain power and exact revenge on those who have told the truth. This is the start of the second half of the times. See it for what it is.