Check all that apply – the illusion of freedom of thought

Empathic people are ashamed of their true thoughts and beliefs. They hide these and try to blend in which makes them stressed and sick in the long run. Once you understand why you feel this way, you will be able to release the shame of being an inherently free thinker. The cause is usually also the solution.

You are not just scared of your beliefs being exposed because of how narcs punish you for not agreeing with them and upholding their version of reality. You are also scared because you cannot check a box. No boxes apply.

You contrast your beliefs with the socially acceptable options you have subconsciously been given. “Do any of these explain my beliefs?” you ask yourself and then become more ashamed that they do not and you cannot conform. You try to conform but it never feels like home. So you keep these secrets from everyone.

Maybe one day they come spilling out. Maybe they never do.

If the conclusions you have come to about life are believed by no one or perhaps few around you, it is not necessarily because you are wrong. Yes narcs will remind you of this groupthink and use this as leverage against you in order to force you back into submission.

But it is because they have all convinced themselves they’ve found their niche ideological box to check off because they don’t want to be punished for not fitting in.

There is no box to represent you. You must fill in the blank.

Are we truly encouraged to think freely or have we only been told that we are?

Are you permitted limitless thought or do you stop yourself from going any further because you’re not sure of the consequences?