The upper levels

I’ve written before about how life is an energy game of sorts. You have to master input and output of energy in order to succeed. Too much of one and too little of the other and the body and soul succumb to illness, remain stagnant, or are used to generate energy for others at your expense. You’ll also never activate your third eye Chakra power, aka: your intuition, as I write about in my book, How to Become Intuitive. In other words, without mastering energy regulation, you’ll be stuck in a spiritual purgatory of sorts, moving through life but remaining attached to or attracting all forms of vampires and leeches.

As I have also said, intuition and becoming intuitive require you rediscover the art of reverse engineering. The first step is observation, which your emotions assist with. Yes those emotions you were taught to suppress or be ashamed of give you clues about reality! Then you watch for the cause and effect within what you observe. You decode the subconscious mind for repressed beliefs and memories, and on and on. Then you become intuitive.

This skill is so vital because it allows you to see beyond the veil of the ego. It is how you get super powers. Many pretend to predict the future or read minds. When you learn to reverse engineer, however, you see that perceiving reality for what it actually is is a super power in itself because so few are able to do it. Those truly in touch with the divine aren’t necessarily magically bestowed powers. They have simply reclaimed their “vision.” (Or, ahem, removed the “scales from their eyes.”)

As you encounter more life lessons begging to be resolved, you must choose to work through them so you can learn about the consequences of people’s actions and so you can learn to match the vibration you get from them or the situation with the person’s true intentions.

See, we’re used to narcs and sociopaths telling us what we want to hear. “If I say it with a smile,” they think,”they won’t ever catch on.” But once you go through the lesson by no longer repressing the karma (aka problems swept under the rug), you begin matching vibrations with intention. After you get beaten down by narcissist after narcissist after narcissist, you stop ignoring the vibration. You learn what is true. And you can spot it from a goddamn mile away.

Of course, like most empaths, you might play dumb in order to fly under the radar, but you know who they are and you know now how to not become entangled even if you are subject to their authority.

As you go on with more and more and more repeats of past life lessons haunting you in this lifetime, you recognize them, resolve then, and ascend to greater and greater spiritual planes. I don’t mean otherworldly travel. I mean you see earth for what it really is, no rose colored glasses or saccharine to coat this steaming pile of shit. You see when people lie. You see when they plot against each other. You see their vices and dirty little secrets. You see their fears and insecurities. And you also very easily see what the future holds.

It is easy to predict the future when you clearly see the present. If you do not understand cause and effect then you cannot predict what will happen. When you recognize the patterns that people — or humanity — have never learned from and keep perpetrating, you see what will happen next. It’s as simple as if x = y and y = z, then x = z. Past, present, and future all become one in the higher levels. (This is also how you finally defeat your narcs btw. You predict what they will do and either free yourself or beat them to it by exposing the truth or protecting yourself in advance. They won’t understand how you did it.)

The upper levels get lonely at times because you’re looking for someone else who perceives the truth. Those people are out there, trust me, but they may be hard to come by. As the planet’s ascension speeds up, you will find more of these people because you’ll gravitate towards each other for safety and security amid chaos. There won’t be a large volume of them but even one is enough.

Reach for the upper levels. Do not feel ashamed of your “misfortune.” Only the best go to the hardest places. The easy places are densely populated. You will get to the peak of the mountain and look back, wondering where everyone went. You will wonder if the journey was worth it. But remember : you must do it alone. It has to be an inside job.