Karma come around #2

With ALL planets in retrograde this year, you will undoubtedly have a return of your biggest, baddest karmic lessons. You can consider them lessons to learn from, but essentially they are little more than ways that narcissits choose to punish and control you — because that’s their “job” in this constructed reality. It’s why they’re so obsessed with power and control.

More planets in retrograde most certainly means more erratic, controlling behavior by narcissists since their biology sets them up to become agitated, conniving and manic around these times. (I go in depth on this in my book, btw).

Specifically, Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde on March 10th so the last few weeks may have been noticeably more intense than the rest of 2020 thus far. While Mercury is blamed for technological glitches and malfunctions (it’s true), it’s also a messenger which may force you to communicate that which you would otherwise keep to yourself, stew in or ignore.

Planets in retrograde and their resultant karma are a pain but truly the intention is a positive one. If you follow the subtle cues of your intuition during these times and act on it, you will resolve any lingering karma. If you do not, you will not be able to ascend as all of the masters have taught us.

The narcs will come after you seeking lifetimes-old revenge. They will seek to harm, confuse and sabotage. It is up to you to recognize it and flip the script. To finally take back your power and release all attachments to the pain they cause you.