Why you don’t want to be with karmic partners in emergency events

Becoming intuitive does require you to eliminate unhealthy relationships from your life. Relationships that are one-sided, relationships that hurt you, relationships in which there is never compromise or communication or trust. As you become more intuitive, you begin to recognize all of the red flags that you missed in the relationship to begin with. You learn that by ignoring them, you get hurt and generate more karma. You learn to trust the vibes you get from people. And hopefully, you find healthy relationships to replace what you have to distance yourself from.

Many within the metaphysical community tell you to love and accept everyone. To overlook their flaws, to keep trying, to never give up on someone who is toxic. This is flawed thinking because it reinforces a lack of boundaries, reinforces victim blaming, and it will end up draining you so that you cannot accomplish what you came here to.

If you keep putting off the inevitable (distancing yourself), these dynamics will especially come to light in the event of disasters or emergencies. Earth’s frequency is rapidly changing as truths are exposed and lies are dismantled. It is a chaotic and unpredictable time of change. Emergencies and disasters abound daily.

What you can be certain of, though, is that any lingering karmic bonds you have not resolved or removed yourself from will become evident when you and karmic partners are forced to work together or rely on each other in times of distress.

First, it is near impossible to communicate with a person you have karma with. One or both of you will be projecting age-old wounds into the present day which means it’s as if you are speaking two different languages and cannot come to an agreement about anything. You will fight, feel hopeless about getting through to each other and end up never resolving the original problem. The toxic cycles continues over and over resulting in anger and frustration.

Secondly, because there is no trust in karmic relationships, you will not truly be able to rely on each other to be taken care of, looked out for, or have basic needs met in the event that you cannot take care of yourself. If the person you have karma with also happens to be a narcissist, this is a recipe for disaster because they will always seek to protect themselves instead of thinking about the group. They’ll be looking for additional sources of “fuel” while you’re trying to wake them up to the reality of what needs to be done for safety reasons.

Additionally, many, but not all, narcs do not know how to plan by projecting possible negative outcomes and then identifying how you have not considered these in your preparations so that you can compensate for any weaknesses. They usually like to shoot from the hip so that they can change their mind at a moment’s notice and therefore retain control of everyone around them.

Also consider that narcissists always want to take the lead and enjoy the alpha role. While they haven’t earned this role, they naturally assume it based on their charisma and skills to convince others of their aptitude. This means many will falsely believe the narc can protect them, despite the narc having no ability to do so. They simply have never acquired the experience or ability to self-sacrifice and look out for the greater good.

As the infrastructures of the constructed reality (matrix) collapse, it would suit you to not only get away from karmic partners or try to heal those wounds together, but also find a community of empathic people you can trust.